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Jenny Tough - Running across 2 mountain ranges - the Atlas of Morocco, and the Bolivian Andes!

Jenny Tough - Running across 2 mountain ranges - the Atlas of Morocco, and the Bolivian Andes!

Jenny is passionate about human powered endurance challenges and loves combining this with her love of the mountains. At the moment, Jenny is making her way around the globe, running across a mountain range on every continent.

In 2016 she ran across the Tien Shan of Kyrgyzstan, in 2017 she ran across the Atlas of Morocco, and most recently ran across the Bolivian Andes. In 2019 Jenny will be tackling her fourth expedition, the Southern Alps in New Zealand!

Jenny first came on the tough girl podcast in February 2017 when she shared more about her first challenge, exploring the Yukon of North Canada by cycling over 3,000 km. After her ride to Yukon, suddenly being fit enough to take on a running endurance challenge seemed like a possibility. Jenny decided to run solo, self-supported across Kyrgyzstan over 900km!

On the Tough Girl podcast, Jenny Tough shared stories from several of her adventures and the lessons she learned along the way. Whether you’re thinking about a major challenge or want a little more adventure every day, you can learn something from this incredible woman.


Listen now - Jenny on Tough Girl Podcast EXTRA!

Take a listen to Jenny from when we spoke in September 2016


Show notes

  • Her next big challenge

  • How the idea came about

  • Loving the mountains and her passion for running

  • Being looked after by local people

  • Deciding on her 2017 challenge

  • Getting into the zone

  • Moving from the survival stage to the thriving stage

  • The Atlas Mountains in Morocco

  • The planning of the trip

  • Making it up as she goes along (to a certain extent!)

  • The excitement!

  • Getting in shape for the challenge

  • Getting injury proof

  • The gear:- backpack - poles - shoes

  • Fast packing

  • Why weight is everything

  • Mental preparation and dealing with the unknown

  • The fear and doubt

  • Be the expedition buddy you wish you had brought

  • Tricking your brain

  • Covering 55k on her first day

  • Meeting the Berbers

  • Over coming language barriers

  • The beauty of the desert

  • The challenges of North Africa

  • Dealing with the Police

  • Not being able to enter cafe and restaurants

  • Helping to change attitudes

  • Adventure blues and finishing the challenge

  • Recovery time after a challenge

  • Trying to get better at patience

  • Her 3rd run- October 2018 heading off to Bolivia

  • Dealing with the altitude

  • Dealing with bad weather and storms

  • Doing constant risk assessments

  • Insurance

  • Paying for the challenges

  • Her plans for New Zealand - only 1200 km!

  • Being an introvert and dealing with the remoteness

  • Being more mindful when using a camera


Social Media

Check out Jenny’s website -

Jenny is on Twitter @JennyTough


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