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Dr. Hannah Lock - Emergency & Expedition Doctor Specialising in High Altitude Mountain Environments.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Today, we delve into the inspiring story of Dr. Hannah Lock, 33, a British doctor and mountaineer living on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, Wales. With a deep passion for medicine and a love for the mountains, Dr. Lock has embarked on thrilling adventures, led expeditions, and shared her invaluable knowledge of mountain medicine. Join us as we explore her remarkable journey.

Raised near the Peak District, Dr. Lock's childhood was filled with outdoor adventures. From hill walking to rock climbing and skiing, she developed a deep connection to the natural world. A pivotal moment in the French Alps introduced her to Alpine mountaineering, sparking a lifelong love for high-altitude environments. Her subsequent expeditions took her across the globe, from the Brazilian Amazon to the Bolivian Andes and the Swiss Alps.

Dr. Lock found her true passion in Emergency Medicine. Today, she skilfully balances her work in the ER with mountain medicine teaching and expedition support. She provides medical support for ultra marathon trail events in the UK and has expanded her reach to cover mountain marathons in the Nepal Himalaya. Her true calling lies in supporting groups on remote, high-altitude expeditions, empowering them to push their limits while ensuring their safety.

Dr. Hannah Lock's journey as a British doctor and mountaineer exemplifies the power of pursuing one's passions and bridging different worlds. Driven by her love for medicine and the outdoors, Dr. Lock continues to empower others through her invaluable knowledge of mountain medicine.

Her story inspires us to merge our passions, conquer new heights, and make a positive impact in our chosen fields.

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Show notes

  • Who is Hannah

  • Working as a portfolio Doctor

  • Being based in Bangor, North Wales

  • Growing up in Macclesfield on the border of the Peak District

  • Spending lots of time in the outdoors as a child

  • Fitness and spending time in the outdoors while studying at university

  • Doing Duke of Edinburgh as a teenager and how it inspired her love of the outdoors

  • Doing a World Challenge Expedition to Bolivia

  • Her first taste of big mountains and travelling in South America

  • Going to Leeds University and joining the hiking club

  • Combining her passions together

  • Learning more about becoming an Expedition Doctor

  • Doing a Chemistry Degree first

  • Going and finding opportunities

  • Going to medical school at University of Warwick

  • Gaining mountain skills via Mountain Leader Qualification

  • Wilderness Medicine Society

  • Professor Chris Imray - (Vascular & Renal Transplant Surgeon based in Coventry, climbed the 7 Summits, & world expert in frostbite)

  • Dong a Diploma in Mountain Medicine

  • Starting off on UK Event Work - supporting runners on ultra marathons and multi day ultra marathons

  • Supporting runners in Nepal and gaining more experience

  • Risk assessment planning

  • Working within your competency level - but also being competent to deal with challenges

  • Her first solo trip as a medic on Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) and the challenges of altitude

  • Heading to Northern India - Summiting Stok Kangri (6,154 m) - highest trekkable summit in India

  • Starting to teach Mountain Medicine

  • Realities and Risks

  • ER (Emergency Room (USA)) - ED (Emergency Department (UK))

  • Views on life and risk taking

  • Why you should tell people you love them

  • Working in intensive care

  • Deciding to work part time and how her schedule looks

  • Risks in the mountains and how it’s changed over the years

  • Being a climber who is scared of heights

  • Joining Ogwen Mountain Rescue team

  • Dream mountains & wanting to climb a 6,000m peak

  • Introduction to “Humans at High Altitude

  • CPD Credits

  • How to connect with Hannah on the socials

  • Working on a 2nd course - which will be specific to women mountaineers

  • Final words of advice and wisdom

  • Trying to fit her work life around the mountains


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