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Shadi Ganjavian-Connor - Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and IBG Philanthropist, Adventurer.

Charlotte Fowles - The Executive Adventurer, solo hiking whilst on chemotherapy & crossing the Australian outback in a 4x4 truck!

Shadi is co-founder of a community interest company SHAPE Hampshire which provides Mind, Body and Education support to Hampshire Schools.

Shadi is the founder of Team GC, leading expeditions and challenge experiences which have enabled her to raise thousands of pounds for charitable causes.

Shadi has a passion for education and loves working with children, sharing tales of her remote adventures.

She runs a series of inspirational talks to schools, communities and businesses. Shadi is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

Future challenge - The BIG North Pole Sea Ice Research expedition 2022

“Every experience provides us with an opportunity to grow and make a difference”.

— Shadi Ganjavian-Connor

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Show notes

  • Living in the South Coast of England

  • Her former life

  • Wanting to make a change in her life

  • Discovering her passion for the outdoors

  • Living with the Bedouin for 6 years

  • Having 2 children

  • Undertaking personal challenges which push her limits

  • Growing up and being a rule breaker

  • Living in multiple countries while growing up

  • Being able to make friends easily and learning how to fit in and adapt to new situations

  • Having a supportive family and a safety net

  • Being encouraged to go for it

  • Wanting to take more risks in her life

  • Being scared of the ocean and facing her fear

  • Learning how to scuba dive in Egypt

  • Starting a family and having to re-evaluate life

  • How having children impacted on her desire to go on adventures

  • Wanting to be a role model for the children

  • Doing expeditions for charity

  • Getting into mountaineering

  • Climbing Mount Blanc

  • Figuring out what to do next

  • Loving the mental side of the challenge

  • Her routines and habits and setting herself up each day

  • Working with a sports psychologist

  • Being vulnerable and relying on other people

  • Needing to know what is going on

  • Dealing with exhaustion

  • The BIG North Pole Sea Ice Research expedition 2022

  • Her plans for dealing with the cold weather

  • The cost of the expedition and finalising the funding

  • Training and getting physical ready for the challenge

  • Role models and being inspired by her friends

  • Going with the flow….

  • Why the first step is saying YES!!

  • Final words of advice to motivate and inspire you