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Megan Hoskin - Former Corporate Banker turned Mountaineer & one half of the all-female adventure

Tough Girl - Meike Stones  “Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

A former corporate business management specialist within the banking sector, she's now fully focused upon soul sustaining adventuring with purpose. Megan has mountaineered across the globe and has scaled some of the world’s most famous peaks such as Elbrus and Mera Peak.

Megan is one half of the all-female adventure team Dare two Do.

Megan is an advocate of adventures in any shape or size, is partial to an overnight bivi wild camp under the stars as well as an epic self-powered voyage, and is an avid fan of all that’s deemed a challenge.


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Show notes

  • Walking away from her stable job

  • Being drawn to the outdoors

  • Heading to Borneo when she was 17 & getting to climb her first mountain

  • Getting distracted by university her job and her career

  • Deciding she needed to do something with her life

  • Running away to the mountains at every opportunity

  • Everest Base Camp, the preparation before hand and getting ready to go there

  • Arriving into Kathmandu & meeting new people with a similar mindset

  • Being changed by the whole experience and having a need to be in the mountains

  • Getting up-skilled and learning about alpine climbing

  • Her first taste of being scared in the mountains

  • How it changed her future expeditions

  • Deciding to quit and do adventuring full time

  • Having a purpose to her life

  • Heading of to Mexico to climb

  • Taking the step and why it took her 4 years to get there

  • What will other people think?

  • Heading back to Nepal in April 2015 to climb Mera Peak

  • Taking some time out to figure out what she wanted to do

  • Going to Climb Mt. Elbrus

  • What did she want from her life - trying to figure it out

  • The decision making process

  • Feeling like an imposter

  • The Paddle Pick Up with Love Her Wild

  • Creating - Dare two do

  • The first Challenge - The Grand Union Canal

  • Plans for 2018

  • The Great Pacific Race!

  • Advice and tips for you to follow your own dreams


Learn more about Megan

Instagram: @meg_hoskin

Twitter: @meghoskin


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