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Sophie Radcliffe from Challenge Sophie!

We first had Sophie on the Tough Girl Podcast in August 2015 and it is awesome to catch up with her at the start of 2017 to see what she’s been up to!

Sophie has cycled from London to Paris in 24 hours nine times, she’s a two-times Ironman Wales finisher, completed the 3 Peaks Cycle Challenge, run ultra marathons, climbed Mont Blanc and achieved a world-first expedition with the Alpine Coast to Coast by climbing the highest mountains in the eight alpine countries and cycling between them in 32 days. To achieve this she cycled 150kms a day, climbed eight mountains and covered 45,500 metres of ascent - nine times the height of Mount Everest!

You can listen to her first episode in 2015

To listen to this episode - click the play button below

Show notes

  • What has been most challenging for Sophie in 2016

  • Dealing with her most challenging year yet.

  • Why she wants to be “strong” not just in the physical sense.

  • Turning the corner in 2017 and she she feels so happy

  • How she copes with being in the public eye

  • Why she now knows who she really is

  • ‘Who is Sophie’

  • Heading over to South America with LAN

  • Taking a job with Epic TV and feeling as though she was taking a step backwards

  • Mountain biking through Bolivia, heading down to Patagonia in Chile to do the W trek!

  • Trying to create something which is marketable

  • Why you have to create a name for yourself in the industry and no one else is going to do it for you

  • What is the biggest waste of time while growing an adventure brand

  • Why e-mail are the biggest waste of her time

  • Why the smaller challenges are some of her favourite ones!

  • Reconnecting with nature

  • Only have 2.5 weeks to train for the 24hour Tough Mudder Challenge!

  • Wanting to be fit for life

  • Doing 6 sessions of HIT in 1 day!

  • Dealing with the 35ft cliff jump

  • Why it never got easier..

  • London to Paris Cycle in 24 hours and dealing with the emotions

  • Building self belief and self confidence by doing challenges

  • Struggling to balance, training, work and life

  • How she funds her lifestyle

  • Working with sponsors

  • Getting to participate in ‘Race the World’ and being the captain of the team and how she dealt with the added pressure

  • Being able to lean on her teammates for support

  • Her plan for 2017 & why she’s taking herself off to Scotland

  • Get in contact with Sophie!

Thank you for the amazing questions from Sophie Thomas, Emily Pitts, Adelaide Goodeve, Ruth Blanco, Evie Akiens, Rae Red, Hannah Marie Attenburrow, and Mandy Dicksee all awesome members of the Tough Girl Tribe!

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