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Jen Brown - Running and Triathlon Coach and founder of Sparta Chicks!

Jen is a 41 year old Running and Triathlon Coach based in Australia who loves trail running and being outdoors. About 12 years ago, she was an over-stressed, over-weight and over-worked Lawyer and then she went for a run - and life hasn’t been the same since!

Since then she’s done 2 x 50km races and a 100km team event. She hiked and climbed mountains on 4 continents (including mountaineering in Nepal, Argentina, climbing Kilimanjaro & Meru in Tanzania, as well as completing the Everest Base Camp trek, and the Inca Trail in Peru!).

Since Jen found her new passion, she left her old job of being a lawyer and set up her own business called Sparta Chicks for women who enjoy triathlons, trail running and outdoor adventures. As well as this she has recently written a book called, "She Believed She Could So She Did: How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence" (which went to #1 in 3 categories in Amazon Australia).

For Jen the focus of her work these days is on mindset; overcoming the fears, self-doubt and the stories we tell ourselves about what we can and can’t do. Jen is a passionate supporter of women and loves watching women thrive when they discover endurance sports and outdoor adventures.

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Show notes

  • The joy of not setting my alarm any more!

  • Packing in her corporate job and having a total career change in her early thirties and becoming a triathlon and running coach

  • Not being the sporty kid at school and preferring books over sports

  • Why trail running changed everything about running for Jen and how trail running gave her the headspace she needed, where she didn’t have to think about any think else

  • Why it took a long time for her to leave her job and make the change

  • Going to Everest Base Camp and coming back and knowing that things had to change

  • Saving up, resigning and going travelling

  • Taking over two years to get her plan B in place - Working full time while also training as a Personal Trainer

  • It can take time to make a big change - and that’s ok!

  • Making a decision over what she wanted to do!

  • Finding her passion and what interested her and why not all passions should be turned into a business

  • Think about your passion - but also take a step back and think if this is something you could do 24/7 and if you did would it lose its gloss?

  • Deciding what to do with her time off!

  • 6 months of climbing and eating her way around the world!

  • Not summiting Aconcagua and how it feels like unfinished business

  • Mindset and why it’s so important - dealing with questions such as; What if I fail? What will people think?

  • The Six Foot Track - 45K Trail Race

  • Learning more about Sparta Chicks & its Mission - Ten Thousand Strong Women!

  • Fears and how they can show up differently for different women

  • Her first Triathlon in 2007 and having a panic attack during the swim

  • 3 top tips for triathlon

  • The power of the word “yet”

  • Picturing your perfect race

  • Writing - "She Believed She Could So She Did: How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence"

  • Why you don’t need more confidence, courage or more bravery

  • Plans for the future

  • One thing for you to think about going forward

Buy - "She Believed She Could So She Did: How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence"

You don’t need more confidence, courage or bravery. That’s a lie sold to you by flashy advertising campaigns. You already have a deep, hidden well of all the confidence, courage and bravery you’ll ever need to achieve your goals in sport (and in life). The only thing you’re missing are the tools to tap into it. Whether you’re new to endurance sports like triathlon, running or cycling or you struggle with nerves, anxiety, self-doubt and fear, this short book will help you do that.

The Sparta Chicks Podcast will be launching on Thursday 2nd February!

Visit the Sparta Chicks Website!

Say hi to Jen on twitter @SpartaJen

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