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Phoebe Smith - extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer who thrives on heading off to the wildest locati

Phoebe Smith is an adventurer, author, editor, presenter, speaker and filmmaker.

By day she is award-winning editor of Wanderlust Travel Magazine, travel writer and presenter, by night she’s an extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer who thrives on heading off to the wildest locations she can find to sleep in the strangest places she can seek out.

She was the first person to sleep at all the extreme points of mainland Britain – including the centre most point – which she did solo, on consecutive nights in 2014.

She has completed the Three Peaks Sleeps Challenge – in which she overnighted on the summits of the highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland.

She is also the author of 7 books including the bestselling Extreme Sleeps: Adventures of a Wild Camper,Wilderness Weekends: Wild Adventures in Britain's Rugged Corners and the first ever guidebook to Britain’s free-to-stay-in mountain shelters –Book of the Bothy.


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Show Notes

  • Backpacks & her favourite Lowe Alpine pack

  • How Phoebe would introduce herself and why she lives something of a double life…

  • Inspiring people to travel to new places

  • Doing a feature on the Appalachian trail and how you can fit in the best bits of the trail in 2 weeks

  • Being a tourist in her own backyard the UK

  • Why adventure doesn’t have to be extreme

  • Growing up close to Snowdonia National Park and taking it for granted

  • Not knowing what she wanted to do with her life

  • Working in Australia for a year and how sleeping in a swag bag in the “red centre” change her perspective on the outdoors

  • Finding strange places to sleep throughout the world

  • Trying wild camping

  • Her fist solo wild camping experience

  • Dealing with the naysayers

  • Having adventures in the UK

  • 2014 - The sleeping challenge!

  • Seeing a cloud inversion

  • Dealing with the rubbish on the top of the Ben Nevis

  • Getting people to appreciate their local beauty spots

  • The history of the bothy and becoming a bothy bagger!

  • The Book of the Bothy - 26 of her favourite shelters spread out through Britain

  • Her first book - The Camper’s Friend and how it came about via twitter!

  • Practical tips for people going camping

  • “Enjoy not endure”

  • Creating a hot water bottle

  • Tentertainment….

  • Why it ok to just stop and “just allowing yourself to be”

  • Wild Camping in Scotland and the changes to the by-laws and how it can impact you

  • Take your rubbish with you and leave no trace

  • What people should do, to help support this campaign

  • Ordnance Survey 2016 and 2017 - Get Outside Champion #GetOutside

  • Why you should learn to map read

  • How she’s applied what she’s learned from the outdoors to her own life

  • Getting angry with herself whilst facing a dangerous river crossing

  • Her 8th book!! Britons Best Small Hills - ***Coming 1st September***

  • Final words of wisdom

  • “You don’t find the time, you make the time”

  • Creating your own go bag!!


Social Media

Say hi to Phoebe via Twitter @PhoebeRSmith & Instagram @phoebersmith. You can watch her YouTube videos and learn more on her Website


Check out her latest books at on Amazon


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