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Lucy Shepherd - Adventurer. Polar, Mountain and Jungle. Fellow of the RGS.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

As our world grows ever smaller and more connected, it’s easier to travel, but harder to find true adventure but at twenty-eight years old, Lucy is at the forefront of modern exploration.

From high mountains, rainforests, to the Arctic, she has plotted a thrilling, inimitable path. Made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society at age twenty three and on the council for the Scientific Exploration Society as a result of her expedition achievements.

Lucy's expeditions have taken her all over the globe and she now shares her love for this world with others by both guiding expeditions to the Arctic and sharing her own adventures on film.

Lucy in her own words:

“I am a strong believer that when we put ourselves in challenging situations, whatever that may be, that our character grows and we become better people as a result. Given the current climate of how those in power are acting and how mental health and obesity problems are on the rise, we could all do with stepping outside our comfort zone and doing what we previously thought impossible.”

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Show notes

  • Being called an adventurer!

  • Her job and what she does

  • Spending time in the Arctic, Jungle and high mountains

  • Her parents

  • Her early years, climbing trees and being creative

  • Losing her mojo in her teenage years

  • The term ‘expedition’

  • Applying to join a scientific expedition in Svalbard at age 18

  • Trying to figure out what’s next

  • Her next steps to make adventure her career

  • Going to York University to study film and TV production

  • Trying to gain new skills over the next 3 years

  • Connecting with individuals via the Royal Geographical Society

  • Spending 1 month in the jungle at 22 years old

  • Saying she wanted to be an adventurer for real in 2015

  • Living in the jungle for a month

  • Being stalked by a jaguar

  • Dealing with the dangers of the jungle

  • Deciding to head back to the jungle in early 2020

  • Wanting to do citizen science

  • Kanuku mountain range in the Amazon jungle of Guyana

  • Micro plastics in the jungle….

  • Having 3 weeks for the expedition

  • How the expedition evolved and changed

  • Documenting the journey

  • Her process for planning expeditions

  • The initial idea

  • The struggle of getting detailed maps

  • Advice for sponsorship and why you need to tell everyone about it

  • The challenges of covid and getting sponsorship

  • Getting physically ready for the expeditions

  • What a typical weeks looks like training

  • Mental training before and during expeditions

  • Calculating risks

  • Spending 2 weeks in a tent on Denali at -40 degrees

  • Moving into acceptance

  • Peeing in the tent!

  • Periods on mountain expeditions

  • Charging electronics - Goal Zero

  • Practical tips for dealing with the cold

  • Why you need to empty your bladder before bed

  • Favourite piece of gear

  • Why you should be bothered.


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(New) YouTube Channel: LucyShepherd

Facebook: @lucysheps

Twitter: @lucysheps


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