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Loretta Henderson - quit her normal life at 36, and having never cycled before

Tough Girl - Loretta Henderson - quit her normal life at 36, and having never cycled before, set off to cycle around the world!

Loretta had a normal life she was living in Canada with her boyfriend, she was building a house, a 10 year project in the making, but once the final nail had been hammered in, she knew she wanted to do something different with her life. On a whim, and after being inspiredly the Adventure Cycling Touring Handbook, she headed off to England on her first cycle adventure over to Ireland. This was the start, since then, she’s spent over 5 years on the road travelling across 5 continents and cycling through 41 countries as she travelled around the world.

During this podcast Loretta share more about how she came to be living this life, the challenges she has faced along the way and why she loves what she does. She also provided top tips and advice to motivate and inspire you to get on your bike and get peddling!


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Show notes

  • Run trekking in Nepal

  • Living in Canada, 36 years old, with a proper job and a boyfriend

  • The Adventure Cycling Touring Handbook

  • Deciding to leave her life behind to go and cycle from England to Ireland

  • Starting a community for women who travel by bicycle

  • The Big WOW Book: 100 Women From Around The World Travel Solo Around The World

  • How her friends and family reacted to her wanting to cycle around the world

  • Her first 5 mile hill…

  • 100 km days - 6 days per week

  • Her daily routine while biking

  • The biggest challenge on her 5 year cycle adventure

  • 7 punctures in a day!

  • Maintaining her health while on the road

  • taking breaks to write her book

  • Eating while on the road

  • The Big Book of WOW and how it evolved over time

  • Advice for other women who want to get into cycle touring

  • Not having a map and getting lost in Bangkok

  • How she’s funding the trip and how she saved up money

  • Personal safety and looking after your bike when you are solo

  • What are the great routes she has cycled and would love to cycle again

  • What bike she rides

  • Her next plans

  • Deciding to run across a country!

  • Her second book

  • Journaling and loving writing


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