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Ayesha McGowan - Her mission is to become the first ever African-American pro female road racer!

Ayesha McGowan - Her mission is to become the first ever African-American pro female road racer!

Ayesha is working tirelessly towards this goal and is determined to take every opportunity that comes available to make this happen. She is extremely passionate about creating representation in cycling that will encourage and inspire other African-American women and youth to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.


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Show notes

  • Ayesha on her mission and passion for cycling

  • Going back to her childhood and coming from a sporty family

  • How her cycling developed - which started with commuting and why she loved it

  • How commuting open up her access to the city and enabled her to take on different jobs

  • How it all started with ally cat races

  • Her first race - 2014

  • Type 2 fun and why it was a horrible experience

  • Why she decided to carry on

  • Why she is still learning

  • Deciding to go professional

  • Advocacy and what she’s doing

  • Focus on content creation

  • Starting her own blog and podcast podcast - A quick brown fox

  • Being inspired by how people got there in the first place

  • Crashing out of the National Championships…

  • Dealing with crashing and how to get back on the bike again

  • Working with coaches and the impact on her confidence

  • What a typical training week looks like

  • The Dirty Kanza 200 - gravel race

  • The mental aspects of the race

  • Getting comfortable in the saddle

  • The journey of going pro and the help she had along the way

  • How she funds her life and affords to ride

  • Why she doesn’t want donations

  • Patreon and how she’s finding it

  • The bike she rides

  • Have an integrated seat post and why she loves it

  • Dealing with difficult situations

  • How we can help to increase diversity

  • Plans for 2019


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