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Tegan Phillips - Adventure Cyclist and Cartoonist. Second attempt to cycle from Cairo to Cape Town.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Tegan in her own words:

“Once upon a time… I was studying to be a lawyer.

Then I drew some comics in a competition to win a bicycle, which I rode across Spain, telling the story of my adventure through a comic blog.

This kind of adventure storytelling was too fun to not wildly pursue, so I spent the next few years finding ways to go on more adventures (which included an 11,000km bike trip through Africa with my family, and a 10 Iron Man triathlon around New Zealand), while figuring out how to turn it into a real job.

Today, I work full-time as a cartoonist, speaker and endurance cyclist. I am currently working on a book, setting up a comic merchandise shop in South Africa and training to try again to set a women’s record of the fastest cycle from Cairo to Cape Town in Oct 2022 February 2024.”

The challenge: Cycling Africa: Cairo to Cape Town. 1 continent, 8 countries, 10,800 kilometres, and 58,000 elevation, setting a women's world record that needs to exist.

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Show notes

  • Who is Tegan

  • Her love of going on big adventures on her bike

  • Growing up in South Africa

  • Spending a lot of time outside

  • Living in Cape Town

  • Going on a family cycle adventure

  • Cycle touring

  • Being inspired by Tom Allen

  • Her first solo trip in Spain

  • Getting lost, falling off the bike and figuring it out

  • Feeling completely free

  • Transitioning into the adventure life

  • Her love of adventure

  • Professional Adventurer?

  • Problem solving while on the road

  • Cartooning and why it’s more like writing

  • Making decisions after university

  • Trying to figure out what to do next

  • Feeling a lot of pressure

  • Reflecting back on her earlier work

  • Being encouraged to follow her passions

  • Heading off to New Zealand to do 10 Iron Man

  • Trying to figure out how to make money

  • Adventure Grants

  • Altum Consulting

  • Training plans and joining a triathlon club

  • First blind woman attempting to climb Mt. Everest - Shawn Cheshire

  • What does success look like on an adventure?

  • Anticipating unexpected challenges

  • Where the idea came from to cycle from Cairo to Cape Town

  • Finding out that there was no women’s record for the Cairo to Cape Town cycle

  • 2019 - applying for the Guinness World Record to find out what the rules were

  • Planning and researching for the challenge

  • Wanting to start in October 2022

  • Needing to go through the civil war in Ethiopia

  • Working with a cycling coach for the past few years

  • Figuring out the funding and the support team

  • Being delayed in Egypt and needing to wait 6 weeks

  • Feeling ill and needing medical help

  • Having a seizure and ending up in hospital

  • Processing everything that’s happened

  • Trying to figure out what was wrong

  • Having her dream fall apart in front of her eyes

  • Getting back to cycling and training

  • Hormonal problems?

  • Looking after herself and prioritising her mental health

  • The therapy of talking

  • Plans for 2023

  • Heading to France do to an Alt Tour of the Women’s Tour de France

  • Staying with Katherine Bertine

  • Funding for adventures and making a living

  • Working with Komoot

  • Turning 30 and how her mindset is changing

  • Having less fear and coming-out the other side

  • How to connect with Tegan

  • Final words of advice


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