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Dani French - 42 challenges before turning 42 & Hannah Dayan - getting back into cycling and doi

Dani French - 42 challenges before turning 42 & Hannah Dayan - getting back into cycling and doing Cyclo-cross!

Today we get to speak to two listeners of the Tough Girl Podcast, Dani French & Hannah Dayan. Both women will go onto share more about how the tough girl podcast has inspired them in their own lives to take on a new challenge and to step outside their comfort zone.

This is why increasing the amount of female role models in the media is so important!

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Dani French - Taking on 42 challenges before turning 42!

Dani French - Taking on 42 challenges before turning 42!​

Dani French writes:

Hi, I love TG podcast, I was introduced last April and have embraced it thoroughly. I have almost listened to all of the back catalogue and am only a few shy. I started a 42 challenges before turning 42 last may shortly after beginning my TG journey and signed up to Patreon almost immediately after, I'm 19 challenges through and about to embark on a big 100 mile row next month. I had hip surgery between having my sons and various other complications, and at that time thought that my life as I knew it was ending, turns out so much has changed for the better that I'm fitter at 40 than 20! I have enriched my life so much since last April, thanks to you and your many amazing Tough Girls.

Show notes

  • Who is Dani

  • Being adventurous as a child

  • Being inspired by her parents

  • How she heard about the tough girl podcast

  • Doing her own personal challenges

  • Sandhurst Sisterhood Facebook Group

  • Loving the rowing episodes

  • The next BIG challenge!

  • Rowing 100 miles!

  • Being happy with ageing and being excited to turn 40!

  • 42 by 42

  • Having a secret blog!

  • Training for the row

  • The charities and the 4 themes

  • What was the biggest challenge

  • Why Day 1 was the hardest

  • The importance of having a good plan

  • Doing challenges with children

  • Advice and tips for other women to get more challenges in their life

  • Words that she lives by

  • The importance of great planning


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Hannah Dayan - Getting back into cycling and doing Cyclo-cross!

Hannah Dayan writes:

I am planning after a 12 year break to get back into racing. Different discipline. The TG podcast has given me the confidence to give this a go. I've been so inspired and the one thing I have learned from all these amazing women is that life is short. Say yes to big dreams and big goals. And it's ok to be afraid. But so worth to find the tiniest little voice that wants to be so much louder and listen to her. So this autumn I'm diving into cyclo-cross. And I will probably come in last but I will be joyfully covered in mud. I still have logistics and my bike to sort out but the planning has started.

Show notes

  • Living in Birmingham

  • Growing up in Canada

  • Moving to the UK after her divorce

  • Starting a new life

  • Pushing herself outside her comfort zone

  • Being very shy

  • Taking big leaps every few years

  • How she got into cycling

  • Getting into mountain biking

  • Doing a 24hr mountain bike race!

  • Ride London (100 mile race)

  • Hearing about the tough girl podcast for the first time

  • Figuring out podcasts!

  • Being inspired by Paula Must Try Harder and Laura Try

  • The next challenge for 2019

  • Wanting to get back into racing and having a goal

  • What is Cyclo-cross?

  • Getting excited to race again!

  • Knowing it is ok to come in last

  • Trying to have fun

  • Working with a personal trainer and starting to lift weights

  • Advice and tips for other women

  • Why you should just do it!


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