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Sarah Outen - Adventures by land & sea, Author 'Dare to Do’, Psychotherapist-in-training, Aw

Sarah Outen - Adventures by land & sea, Author 'Dare to Do’, Psychotherapist-in-training, Award-winning feature film #Home in cinemas now!

Sarah Outen is an adventurer by land and sea, bestselling author and motivational speaker. Keen to encourage people outside and enable young people to access adventure, she is a proud ambassador and patron of a number of charities.

Candid about her own mental health struggles and journey, Sarah is keen to encourage others to seek help and share their vulnerabilities.

In November 2015 Sarah completed her London2London:Via the World expedition, a mammoth attempt to row, cycle and kayak 25, 000 miles around the Northern Hemisphere. The journey took 4.5 years and was all the richer for not turning out exactly as planned.

'Home', the feature film of that journey releases across the UK in October 2019.

*Please be aware that during this podcast we discuss, grief, trauma, and going to dark places. Before you listen to this episode please just make sure that you are in a good space.


Listen to share as she shares more about her life since the challenge and the film Home

Click here if you can't see the link below.

Listen to the first episode with Sarah where she shares more about the London2London Adventure!

Click here if you can't see the link below.


Show notes

  • Who is Sarah

  • Starting on big expeditions after university

  • Rowing across the Indian Ocean

  • Loving the outdoors

  • What we covered in the first episode

  • What happened in 2016

  • Why it’s been a messy few years

  • Coming back from solitude

  • Agreeing to write a book in 3 months….

  • Having a breakdown in 2016

  • Getting married to Lucy

  • Why it’s taken a long time to feel at home

  • How Sarah got through 2016

  • Losing confidence in herself

  • Coming back with huge amounts of debt

  • Having dark thoughts

  • Dealing with un-resolved trauma

  • Finding the right therapies and support

  • Being reunited with her boat after many years

  • Becoming paranoid and not able to trust many people

  • EMDR Therapy

  • Working with her body and releasing it from her body

  • Taking care of herself and leaning to rest

  • Why the movie is called ‘Home’

  • Having clear boundaries about what she talks about

  • Why she no longer watches her film

  • Making the film

  • Filming the challenge

  • Wanting to find the right film maker for the project

  • Wanting to create a brave film

  • Connecting with Jen Randall

  • The sheer volume of footage!!!

  • Raising money via a Kickstarter campaign!

  • Spending £90K on the film

  • 18 months spend on the film and why it was a difficult process

  • Winning award for the film!

  • The creative process of making a film

  • Money and making money!

  • Training as a child psychotherapist part time in London

  • Wanting to write children books

  • Doing smaller challenges and having balance in her life

  • Quick Fire Questions


Twitter @SarahOuten



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