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Fiona Quinn - Paddle boarding the length of Great Britain, plus setting 3 world SUP records!

Fiona Quinn - Paddle boarding the length of Great Britain, plus setting 3 world SUP records!

We first spoke with Fiona back in February 2018, where Fiona shared more about walking Great Britain; 993 miles, solo and unsupported over 57 days in 2017. This was followed in September by cycling almost 1200 miles, solo and unsupported, from Lands End to John O’Groats.

Fiona has come back on the Tough Girl Podcast EXTRA episode to share more about her most recent challenge, which involved setting 3 world records in 2018 for stand up paddle boarding the length of Great Britain!

Fiona shares more about the challenge, from the logistics of getting a support crew together, funding the challenge as overcoming her deep seated fear of the sea. Fiona goes no to share more about her ambition for cycling around the coast of the Mediterranean, and what she has learned so far by cycling from Gibraltar to France.

When she's not outside adventuring, Fiona runs the Adventure Book Club to inspire and support people to take on their own adventures. Fiona also coaches entrepreneurs to utilise the power of action to bring their own story to life.

“Getting to the start line is often the hardest part. You’ll never be 100 per cent ready so making that decision to just go and figure it out along the way is hugely liberating. Adventure has taught me more than anything else in life, that if I keep believing something is possible, I can push forward and make it happen.”


Listen to Fiona Now - Click here if you can't see the link below.

Take a listen to the first episode we did with Fiona in 2018. If you can't see the link below - click here.


Show notes

  • Finding out more about Fiona

  • We first spoke with Fiona in February 2018

  • Living a life of adventure

  • Reflecting back on 2018

  • Being in the planning stages of SUP from Land’s End to John O’Groats

  • Being scared of the sea

  • Having the crazy idea and making it happen

  • Dealing with bad weather

  • Facing her fear of the sea and deep open water

  • Being able to manage her fear and the practical steps she took

  • Paying for the adventure

  • Sponsorship?!

  • Taking out a personal loan

  • Why time is the precious resource

  • Dealing with the winds on the first few days

  • SUPs across the Irish Sea

  • Accommodation, food and resupply

  • The challenges of having a support crew

  • Being focused when on the adventure

  • 3 New World Records!

  • Finishing the challenge!

  • Facts and figures from the challenge

  • Overcoming her fear of the sea?

  • The Mediterranean Challenge

  • Travelling from Gibraltar to Nice in France

  • Part 2 of the challenge

  • The impact of doing public adventures

  • Why it’s ok to change your goals

  • Struggling to meet people on the trip

  • The next challenge!

  • Writing her first book - about SUP Britain

  • Start before you are ready

  • Quick Fire Questions


Learn more about Fiona

Twitter: @FionaLQuinn

Instagram: @FionaLQuinn

Facebook: /FionaLQuinn

Medium: @FionaLQuinn


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