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Meike Stones “Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

Tough Girl - Meike Stones  “Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

Mieke Stones, is a 32-year old female living and working in London and the creator of Powered by Me, a year-long lifestyle adventure where she is only using human-powered transport to get to wherever she need to go.

She has been blogging, vlogging and fundraising along the way, hoping to raise as much money for different causes and to inspire others to see active travel as a viable and sustainable way to get to places.

Her story so far is one of physical and mental endurance, trial and error, with some key learnings thrown in. But most of all her story is about doing what she can with what she has, and doing her bit for the environment. Making better choices and growing her skills and experiences along the way.


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Show notes

  • Where the idea came from?

  • Deciding on what the next challenge was going to be?

  • Having a brain wave!

  • The planning stage

  • The rules

  • Starting on the 1st January and raising money for a different charity each month

  • Being able to commute to work

  • Battling the elements

  • Starting to tell friends and family

  • Starting a count down to the start

  • The question’s she was being asked

  • The start of the year - what it was like

  • Being terrified at the start

  • The mental challenge in the first week

  • When it all started to become normal!

  • What was the impact on her life

  • Starting to feel more productive

  • Having to change her nutrition needs

  • The biggest challenges she’s had to face - the big journey’s

  • Going through a divorce

  • Cycling over to France for a wedding

  • Looking for water in strange places!

  • Getting to the 6 month marker!

  • Starting to feel a little bit knackered

  • Plans for the rest of the year

  • Advice for women who want to integrate running and cycling into their everyday routine

Check out her website - here


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