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Olivia Round - Embarked on a 5,000 mile solo bicycle journey across the United States

Tough Girl - Olivia Round - Embarked on a 5,000 mile solo bicycle journey across the United States, in an effort to face her deep-seated phobia of men

Olivia Round is a storyteller, artist, and cyclist currently living in Seattle, Washington, USA. Originally raised in the small town of Ketchikan, Alaska, Olivia enjoyed many grand adventures... and never stopped.

In 2011, at the age of twenty two, she embarked on a 5,000 mile solo bicycle journey across the United States, in an effort to face her deep-seated phobia of men.

Olivia is now writing a memoir of that transformative cross-country adventure. Learn more about her story, and the stories of other cycling women, at

“Overcoming FEAR through ADVENTURE”

During this podcast we do discuss content, that some listeners could find disturbing, although nothing explicit happens, it is more around the fears that women have going on solo adventures, and the threats that they may come across, Olivia talks very personally about her fears and how they developed, and how she took steps to overcome them. It is discussed in a very sensitive manor, but I just want to make you aware before you listen further that any women who has faced these threats, or been a survivor may not wish to listen to this episode.


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Show notes

  • Where Olivia is based

  • Being a writer and a biker (bicycle!)

  • Growing up in Alaska with only 40 miles of road, on a small island with only 12,000 people

  • Christmas presents….. of flights & family holidays!

  • Not talking about biking!

  • Being inspired by her mum and wanting to be a wild eccentric!

  • Thinking she would be the first woman to cross the USA on a bike

  • If you can’t see it - how can you become it?

  • Her secret - being afraid of men

  • Where her fears came from and trying to understand them

  • Feeling doomed and horrified about the world

  • I was Olivia the little girl who was afraid of men

  • Not wanting to let go of her phobia of men

  • Why it was more scary not to face this

  • Tackling the phobia with a 5,000 mile bike ride!

  • Wanting to figure it out for herself and why solo travel was the decision she made

  • Heading to Chile for 3 months to volunteer on organic farms

  • Where the idea came from for her big cycle ride

  • The next step she took to make her dream a reality

  • Research via the internet, the library and speaking to anyone who had a bike!

  • Why she never thought that she’d be able to make it

  • Why she decided to try

  • Dealing with other fears before the start line

  • Practising meditation and thinking about worst case scenarios and how to deal with them

  • The logistics behind the journey

  • Making use of

  • The start of the adventure!

  • Having a spot tracker and why she was so glad she had it

  • Routines while on the road

  • The magic moments from her trip

  • Wanting to quit many times!

  • Getting to the end of the trip

  • Missing out the last 15 miles!

  • Taking the time to reflect back on her journey!

  • Being inspired by Cheryl Strayed

  • Her book and looking for an agent!

  • New story on the Out There Podcast!


Social Media

Instagram: @roundolivia

Twitter: @0liviaR0und


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