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Laura Bingham an English adventurer best known for completing a cross-continent cycle of South Ameri


“I want to know that I have experienced everything that I can and to know that I have chosen how I live my life. I want a life like no other. I want to be one of those ‘how does she do it’ people. I want a life of extraordinary tales. Every step I take gets bigger but I had to start off with one baby step; things don’t just happen, you work up to them step by step. ”


Laura Bingham is a British adventurer, having travelled extensively in her early adulthood, Laura, ditched conventional English life to live in Mexico teaching English and helping a jaguar conservation project for the Mexican government.

In 2014 she make the bold decision to attempt to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. With zero experience she blagged her way onto a 38ft trimaran, alongside two sea-faring blokes and a cat called Cuba.

In 2016 she set off to cross an entire continent without any money – completely human-powered. Laura is raising both money and awareness for Operation South America, a charity that looks after homeless or abused girls and young women in Paraguay.

Laura currently lives in Leicestershire and is married to fellow explorer Ed Stafford, they are expecting their first child- due June 10th 2017.


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Show notes

  • Being a free spirit

  • Growing up with 3 older sisters

  • Being a spoiled brat while growing up

  • Leaving home at 18 to travel

  • Hopping around for 4 years, changing countries and jobs

  • Dealing with anxiety at college

  • Living on her own, working on her own and doing it all on her own

  • Every step took her further and further away from home

  • Dealing with a broken heart and trying to fill the empty void

  • Arriving in Mexico - sorting out a job and a place to live within 3 days

  • Doing Jaguar conservation work

  • Leaving Mexico after 4 months

  • Duolingo for learning languages

  • Deciding to sail home across the Atlantic


  • The cow scull

  • Trying to get to the boat with no money

  • Sailing to England

  • Surviving on four hour sleeps

  • Having an argument and not being able to get out

  • Sailing to Ireland and not England!

  • Getting itch feet and wanting to get travelling again

  • Cycling Ecuador to Argentina with no money

  • Operation South America

  • Getting her plans in place and dealing with the negativity

  • Why you should smile at strangers

  • The mental and emotional challenges of her trip

  • Asking for help, asking for food

  • How she coped when her fiancé was in an accident

  • Having Ness Knight come out to join the trip

  • What she learn’t from the South American cycle

  • Being emotional once she was back at home

  • What’s on her bucket list

  • Her message that she advocates - “follow your dreams”

  • Why you’ll learn from failure


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