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Cadi Lambert - An Adventurous Girl - Blog on adventure, travel, fitness & mental health!

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Cadi in her own words:

“Having lost a partner to suicide in 2014 I turned to being active in the outdoors to bring joy back into my life. Challenging myself, whether it's an ultra run, white water raft racing or cycle touring somewhere fabulous bring great sparks to me. I am never happier than when I'm running on the trails with my dog, swimming in a cold lake with friends or just taking in the beauty of nature. My desire to chase positivity and help others find theirs has led me to now become a Life Coach. I plan on using the great outdoors along with my coaching to create positive change in peoples lives.”

*please note during this episode we do talk about, mental health, losing someone through suicide & dealing with frightening situations.


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Show notes

  • Growing up in Nottingham

  • Being passionate about the outdoors

  • Working for British Canoeing - running ShePaddles program

  • Re-training as a life coach

  • What her early years were like

  • Her dreams as a young girl

  • Not being a career person

  • Working to live

  • Going to university

  • Trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life

  • Starting to go travelling more

  • Losing her partner to suicide

  • Wanting to be more of an independent traveller

  • Dealing with the shock of losing someone a partner

  • Making a decision on how it would affect her

  • Wanting to carry on doing adventures

  • Her first trip with Bob to Egypt

  • Getting her first bike

  • Cycling in Cuba

  • Deciding to do the coast to coast challenge in a day

  • Being supported by friends and family

  • The benefits of blogging and how it helped her process her feelings

  • Joining a local group SOBS - Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

  • Seeking out support and finding people to speak to

  • Going to Nepal in 2015 after the earthquake

  • Spending time in Tibet

  • Mount Kailash Kora Trek

  • The challenges of getting a visa for Tibet

  • How her definition of adventure has changed

  • Blogging at Adventurous Girl and sharing beautiful pictures

  • Dealing with Covid and it’s impact on time outdoors and mental health

  • Focusing on the joys and positives of the situation

  • Summer 2017 and heading up to the Lake District

  • Handling setback when things go wrong on an adventure

  • Dealing with disappointment and feelings of failure

  • Running across Iceland and the lessons learned

  • Why it’s worth trying new things

  • Making the decision to run across Iceland - East to West

  • The lessons learned from the Iceland experience

  • Feelings of disappointment

  • Running around Malta solo

  • Dealing with frightening situations while being solo on an adventure

  • Being followed and flashed at.

  • Taking a knife?

  • Further solo challenges?

  • Being aware of her surroundings

  • Training before trips

  • She Paddles - what it is and what the goals are

  • Funding to coach women and girls in leadership positions

  • Building a positive community for paddlers

  • Making the decision to leave British Canoeing and transition into self employment

  • Losing her mum last year and making changes to her life

  • Training to be a life coach and gaining new skills

  • Turning 40 on the 1st January

  • Wanting to cycle tour in Japan

  • Final words of advice and why you should go with your heart

  • What do you really want to do?


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