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Sarah Outen MBE - Adventurer who has just completed her 4.5 year expedition ‘London2London: Via the

Sarah Outen MBE - Adventurer who has just completed her 4.5 year expedition ‘London2London: Via the World’

This week on the Tough Girl Podcast we talk to Sarah Outen MBE where she discussed her journey from London all the way around the northern hemisphere and back to London by rowing, kayaking and cycling. In order to do this Sarah had to overcome a variety of challenges. She’s endured extreme conditions in remote environments, often being alone for months at a time.

A typhoon during the North Pacific crossing forced a mid Ocean rescue from her rowing boat in 2012 and a hurricane on the Atlantic this summer forced a pre-emptive evacuation after 143 days at sea. She has also kayaked some of the most treacherous waterways in the world and cycled across North America during one of the harshest Winters on record.

After 4.5 years and over 25,000 miles, Sarah has made it back home, arriving back on midday on the 3rd November 2015.

Sarah shares the following on the podcast:

  • Her background and what’s inspired her to achieve what she’s achieved

  • Becoming the first woman to row across the Indian ocean

  • Turning her dream into a reality

  • Persevering through the most treacherous conditions

  • A typical day cycling

  • How to overcome bad conditions

  • Her highlights and low points

  • Her best memories from the trip.

  • The people she met

  • Celebrating the milestones

  • The most terrifying experience she had

  • The healing process after a traumatic experience

  • Tips for coping with isolation

  • What she learned about herself on this journey and what’s next for her!


Here are the links to listen:

Listen NOW - Click the PLAY button below!!!



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