Josephine Anselin - Running the length of New Zealand in 99 days, cycling across Sardinia, Taiwan an

Josephine is a a French-born ex oilfield engineer turned sports and fitness industry professional. Josephine started getting into longer distance challenges while she was in her final year of university, when she took on the Marathon des Sables desert ultra-marathon in 2012. Since then she has cycled down the US West Coast from Seattle to Santa Barbara, ran and hiked, 3,000km across New Zealand, followed by cycling across Sardinia and Taiwan!

Josephine has a passion for ultra running, outdoor adventuring and travelling. She enjoys spending her free time hiking through the hills, running on dirt trails and swimming in the ocean – the closer she is to nature the happier she feels. She currently lives in Indonesia where she is starting a new business, Outventure Hub which is a platform full of resources to help passion-driven outdoor sports entrepreneurs grow successful, long-lasting businesses. At the same time, she continues to explore the world through long human-powered journeys - which she shares on her blog -Spark of Adventure!

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Show notes

  • Running her first marathon at 16 years old

  • Falling in love with running

  • Going to university to study Engineering in England

  • Deciding to do the Marathon des Sables in her final year of university (2012)

  • Getting into trail running

  • Breaking up with her boyfriend and wanting to prove him wrong

  • Training for the race while studying for finals

  • How she paid for the Marathon des Sables

  • What she learned from doing the Marathon des Sables

  • The biggest challenge!

  • Deciding to cycle the West Coast of America with her then boyfriend (now husband)

  • Cycling across Sardinia (2017)

  • What she loves about islands and why she loves, running, hiking and cycling across them!

  • Advice and tips for women who want to get into cycle touring

  • Being a minimalist

  • Deciding to run/hike the Te Aurora Trail in New Zealand

  • Knowing she wanted to leave her job and go on a big adventure

  • Being inspired by Anna McNuff

  • What she did to make her dream a reality

  • Wanting to do the trail in 100 days

  • The challenges of the terrain and dealing with injury

  • The mental side of the challenge

  • Starting her blog - Sparks of Adventure

  • Her new business - Outventure Hub – a platform full of resources to help passion-driven outdoor sports entrepreneurs grow successful, long-lasting businesses.

  • Advice and tips for other women who want to get more adventure in their life

  • Cycling with her husband in Taiwan

  • Why you need to stick to the East coast in Taiwan

  • Heading to Mongolia Desert Run as a volunteer

  • Feeling tired and needing a break from racing

  • Future plans

  • Quick fire questions

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Instagram- @josephineanselin


Twitter : @outventurehub

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