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Ellie Blake - Her journey to Ironman Wales & Meg Saunders - Hiking the Inca Trail and signing up

Ellie Blake - Her journey to Ironman Wales & Meg Saunders - Hiking the Inca Trail and signing up for a marathon!

Today we get to speak to two listeners of the Tough Girl Podcast, Ellie Blake & Meg Saunders. Both women will go onto share more about how the tough girl podcast has inspired them in their own lives to take on a new challenge and to step outside their comfort zone.

This is why increasing the amount of female role models in the media is so important! To learn more about supporting the Tough Girl Podcast and it's mission please check out

Take a listen now!

Ellie Blake - Her journey to Ironman Wales!

Ellie Blake - Her journey to Ironman Wales!

Ellie started listening to the Tough Girl Podcast back when it started in 2015 at what was a particularly low point in her life. She was feeling lost having just failed to get into medical school for the 3rd time, she became a shell of herself and spiralled into depression.

Ellie was inspired by listening to the Sophie Radcliffe episode on her way to work one morning and just kept thinking wow! Since then she has listened religiously on commutes, during training and planned new adventures

“I truly believe this podcast gave me the confidence to make changes in my life and to have a little faith that it’s ok not to have everything figured out.”

Ellie has gone on to complete, her first, Sprint triathlon, half marathon, Marathon, 2 ultra-marathons and is currently training for Ironman Wales!

Show notes

  • 27 from Wiltshire

  • Studying for her Masters in Aberdeen

  • Being half way through a career change

  • Training for Ironman Wales

  • Having a passion for cycling

  • Starting to listen to the tough girl podcast back in 2015

  • Trying to get into Medical School

  • Feeling a bit lost and not knowing what she wanted to do with her life

  • Dealing with depression

  • Moving back in with her parents

  • Next steps forward

  • Starting with a private counsellor

  • Getting back into sport

  • Spending all her time studying

  • Stopping doing everything she enjoys

  • Getting back into running

  • Summer of 2016 doing a sprint triathlon

  • Trying to figure out what she wanted to do

  • Taking a step backwards

  • Doing a half marathon, a marathon and an ultra marathon in 2017

  • The importance of having a goal

  • Why you have to enjoy your challenges!

  • Doing the 100K Race to the Stones and wanting to do it in one day!

  • Being inspired by Sophie Radcliffe and her Alpine Coast to Coast Challenge

  • Quitting her job to go travelling in Asia

  • Enjoying her new course and studying again

  • Working with a coach for Ironman Wales

  • What advice would she have liked to hear?

  • Having more balance in her life?


Meg Saunders - Hiking the Inca Trail and signing up for a marathon!

Meg Saunders - Hiking the Inca Trail and signing up for a marathon!

“I’m inspired to travel to experience as much of the world and its cultures and landscapes as possible. After completing the Inca Trail last year in memory of my dad, I literally feel unstoppable. Tough Girl has given me the motivation and realisation that I can complete so much more than I thought!”

Show notes

  • Living in Devon by the sea!

  • 29 years old, working as a graphic designer

  • How sports and the outdoors were not a part of her life

  • Starting to get into running

  • Losing her dad in 2016

  • Wanting to raise money for the hospice

  • Signing up to the Inca Trail

  • Having a year to train and prepare

  • Heading over to South America and being terrified

  • Dealing with stomach issues

  • The biggest challenge on the trip - Day 2 - Dead Women’s Pass

  • Keeping motivated

  • Arriving at the Sungate into Machu Picchu

  • What happened when she got back home

  • Never listening to podcasts!

  • Trekfest

  • Adventure buddies

  • Signing up for the London Marathon

  • Advice and tips for women and girls who want more adventure in their life

  • Mental tips to keep going

  • Being inspired by Mirna Valerio

  • Follow her blog -

  • Feeling proud of herself


"For anybody who has big adventure dreams or who signs up for challenges and then thinks 'what the hell have I done' and wants a bit of a giggle read this book you soon realise that anything is achievable if you just persevere and keep plodding on"

Show notes

  • Riding to Chamonix

  • How it all started

  • How the Tough Girl Podcast helped to inspire Ali

  • Writing a book about her adventure

  • Getting support from twitter

  • What can you expect from the book!

  • Informative, educational and heat-warming

  • The What If method

  • Doing pro-active coping

  • What she has leant most from the process of doing the challenge and writing a book about the challenge

  • Setting up a new blog about travel and adventure

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