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Laura Marshall - First solo Australian woman to complete one of the world’s toughest ultra-triathlon

Laura Marshall - First solo Australian woman to complete one of the world’s toughest ultra-triathlons – The Enduroman Arch to Arc.

In October 2018 Laura Marshall became the FIRST solo Australian woman to complete one of the world’s toughest ultra endurance triathlons - the Enduroman Arch to Arc!

In doing so she also broke the world record for fastest woman, non wetsuit, in a time of 81 hours and 28 minutes. This made her the 35th solo person to ever do the event and the 9th woman. She was also the 4th ever person to do the swim leg of the event without a wetsuit.

This gruelling event involves a 140km run from Marble Arch in London to the coast of Dover, a 33km+ swim across the English Channel and a 292km cycle from Calais, France to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

If completing all 3 legs of the event under your own steam wasn’t enough, Laura has also elected to take the traditional approach to swimming across the English Channel in just a swimsuit and swim cap, something that within the realms of this particular event is relatively rare, as most competitors choose to swim in a full length wetsuit for added warmth and buoyancy.

As part of this event Laura is raising awareness and funds for beyondblue, an Australian organisation that helps people affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.

Laura is a former Outward Bound Australia staff member (2004 to 2012). Laura lives in Canberra, ACT, where she works as a secondary school teacher.


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Show notes

  • Who is Laura

  • Growing up and getting into the outdoors

  • Where it all started

  • Working for Outward Bound in Scotland and then moving to Australia in 2004

  • The Enduroman Arch to Arc

  • Applying for it in 2013

  • Loving the challenge of ultra races

  • The application process for the race

  • What’s involved in the race!

  • Having to postpone for a few years due to uni work

  • Taking a year to train for the event

  • Working with a coach and a nutritionist

  • Joining a local swimming club

  • Going part time to get the training in and the rest

  • The benefits of it being a supported race

  • Why swimming was her weak point

  • Wanting to be a professional athlete

  • What a typical day was like

  • Getting the nutrition right and doing fluids test and how that helped figure out her specific needs

  • The mental side of the challenge, the high points and the low points

  • Is it selfish to do challenges?

  • Deciding to raise money for charity

  • Sharing more about mental health

  • Suffering from bi-polar

  • The build up to the race

  • Having a 10 day slot for the race

  • Power naps and coffee!

  • The sleeping arrangements

  • Waiting for 12 hrs in Dover

  • Why the swim was the big worry

  • Dealing with the tides and currents of the English Channel

  • Deciding to just swim in a costume and not a wetsuit

  • Starting the bike ride in France

  • Being good at day dreaming

  • Being able to zone out while running or swimming

  • Seeing the Arc de Triumph

  • Achieving her dream and celebrating!!

  • What she learned from the whole experience

  • Being persistent and consistent

  • Adventure blues and getting past the challenge

  • Why it’s ok to do adventures

  • Quitting her job!

  • Plans for 2020 - a triathlon of New Zealand

  • Self funding her challenges

  • Living a simple life

  • Quick Fire Questions.

  • Final words of advice for women and girls who want to live a more adventurous life


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