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Week 4 - Frustration!


Four weeks in and this is the half-way point. I’m starting to feel a little frustrated at the rate of change; I don’t seem to be building any muscle and I can’t really see any changes to my body. I know it takes time to build muscle and for fat to be burned but I was really hoping and wanting to see more muscle definition at this point. I’m not sure what else I can do apart from continue to do what I’m doing and maybe start to increase the number of protein shakes I’m having. At the moment, I have two a day, one in the morning and one after a training session. Maybe I need to have one before I go to bed as well? What else can I do to deliver quicker results? Or do I just need to be more patient? And believe in all the good work I’m doing at the moment will pay off, eventually!

In today’s session, we started with the standard warm up; leg swings, shoulder dislocations, body weight squats and my favourite the foam roller.


Part 1 - Alternating between sumo dead lifts and the red band holds.

· Using the red band placed around the knees, sit down on the bench and hold your legs apart to get the band tight. This will then start to work the muscles in your bum, hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, relax then repeat.

· Sumo dead lifts. One of my favourite moves now. It’s such a great overall workout. A few sets at the lighter weight (40 kg), which he kept increasing. At the higher weighs it was only for one rep at a time.

Change of grip - At the moment I’ve been having both my hand over the bar, but in order to lift bigger weighs, its better to have one hand over the bar and one hand under the bar. It helps to keep the bar closer to your knees.

Part 2 - Alternating between assisted pull ups and sideways red band walks.

· 5 pull ups using the purple band to give me extra support. Key things here were to keep looking up to the sky and remembering to squeeze my shoulder blades together.

· Stand in the red band, cross it over and grip with your hands, pull your arms up and take sideways steps. You can really feel this down the outside of your legs.

Part 3 – Weighted prowler push and dumb bell rows.

· Pushing the weighted prowler the full length of the room and back X4

· DB rows – using 17.5 kg for 6 reps.

My weight has increased slighly since I started! I'm going to assume this is muscle!

Week 1 - 10.2

Week 2 - 10.1

Week 3 - 10.2

Week 4 - 10.4 1/2

Progression Photos

Sorry for the small photos! Not much change to see anyway!







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