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Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim, Istanbul 2015

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This is a unique swimming challenge. This race has been held every year since 1988. It’s the opportunity to swim from Asia over to Europe. The race starts in Istanbul at Kanlica Ferry Port and with the help of the current; you’ll swim about 6.5 km toward the finish line at Kurucesme Cemil Topuzlu Park. In 2015 the race registration opens on the 12th January at 2 pm.

The actual race will take place on the 26th July. I’m going to be keeping my fingers crossed and hope I get selected. I think this would be a fantastic challenge to do and will help me with my triathlon goal for 2015.


  • Organized by the Turkish Olympic Committee

  • The Bosphours cuts through the centre of Istanbul and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara

  • The average time is about 50 minutes


  • Swimmers who are able to train for an hour, are expected to finish the race within the average time

  • Rub silicon cream onto your body before the start

  • Strategy is important in this race

  • Keep in the middle of the strait where the current is the strongest

  • Don’t miss the finish!

  • If you miss the finish or turn to the finish too late, you’ll have almost zero chance to come back to it.


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Get involved! Put the date in your diary and sign up!

Website link for registration -

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