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January Training Update


I love the month of January because it’s the start of the New Year, it’s a new beginning a chance to start over and to do the year right! You can put what’s happened behind you and move forward and continue to take steps in the direction you want to go.

I know the direction I want to be moving in and where I need to get to. At the moment it’s difficult as I don’t feel well enough to be doing the training that I would like to do.

It’s not the best month I’ve ever had and it’s not the worst month I’ve ever had.

I managed to fit in some running, walking, boxing and added a few extra strength and conditioning sessions.

Instagram - Although it doesn't look like it, I'm giving that bag a really hard
Instagram - Great workout for the arms! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 #arms #training #fitn
uts run club_edited.png
Instagram - All wrapped up against the elements!! #letsdothis #letsgorun #traini

Boxing – 3 sessions

Weights – 12 sessions

Run Club – 4 sessions

Walking – 12 miles

Rest days – 11 days

I started to attend the UTS run club, as it’s a great way to meet new people, push myself harder, and it’s another way to moitvate myself when it’s dark and cold outside and I don’t feel like running!

Instagram - Make the right choices every day.jpg

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