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The Mental Toughness Showcase

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I received an invitation in the post for The Mental Toughness Showcase (Chester, 18th March 2015). I was intrigued – mental toughness, this sounds like something I need to know more about. Its going to be focused more on having a stressful job. But I think there will be knowlegdge and learnings that I'll be able to take away and implement in my motivational talks. Especially around confidence and completing challenges.

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It said on the invitation:

“Using the very latest thinking from the fields of Coaching, Neuro Science, Accelerated Learning and Sport Psychology our Mental Toughness programme can measurably improve your people’s resilience and overall performance.”

I would love to know more about how to keep on developing my own mental toughness!

This is a one day course and during the course you will learn about confidence, control, commitment and challenge.


Discover how confidence is a set of behaviours and relationships underpinned by specific personal beliefs and values. Those who have high levels of confidence genuinely believe in what they are saying and demonstrate their personal convictions through their behaviours. In this session you discover for yourself the relationship between values and behaviours and how knowing your values can lead to greater confidence.


One of the most important things that predict how successfully you will feel in control of your life is the emotional states that you find yourself in. Many people are tired, lethargic, bored or anxious, worried and fearful. And they will be performing at a very low level of effectiveness, because they belief they have no control over their state. During this session you will understand why state is so important when developing mental toughness and glean the secrets of how to take back control of your own state!


To have commitment you have to first have clarity of purpose. Without clarity of purpose there is no internal compass to guide actions and decisions. Development of commitment comes from matching your aspirations and values to those of your employees or co-workers. Commitment comes from knowing what you want, knowing how to get there and understanding the obstacles that stand in your way. During this session we will explore how to create well-formed outcomes that are both compelling and motivational!


Fear of change is directly related to how well we cope with challenges that present themselves. In this workshop we will explore why some of us thrive on challenge and some of us find it threatening, and we will explore strategies to develop the courage when things around us are uncertain.

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