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The most perfect day!

I’ve generally been waking up at three in the morning and again at five, never feeling that refreshed or ready to face the day when it was time to actually get up. Today after sleeping all through the night, I was awake and ready to go at 8.43 am, I know that’s really specific, but I’d set my alarm for 8.45 am, so it was lovely to wake up before the alarm went off!

A small glass of lemon water and then it was off to yoga which is less than 50 m away. The Cool Hatha Yoga at Deep Yoga Studio was incredible relaxing, lots of stretching, child pose and deep breathing.

It put me into such a wonderful frame of mind and really set me up for a fantastic Sunday.

By now the sun was bright, the skies were blue with very few clouds and it was down to the gorgeous 4 mile beach in Port Douglas. I made sure I covered myself in factor 30 ready for the harsh sun!

The beach is beautiful, there are palm trees behind me, white sand in front of me and the waves crashing steadily onto the shore. I found my spot, put my towel down, headphones in and I was ready to listen to some inspirational podcasts.

At three in the afternoon, when I decided to call it a day, I passed a beach cafe and they were offering - Green Healthy Smoothies! This was too good an offer to miss out on. I ordered my “Green Goddess Smoothie” made up of kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, and kiwi.

I also added an Immunity Booster Shot on the side which had carrot, ginger, garlic, and lemon.

It was a really intense shot of all the good stuff. It had a hell of a kick when I drank it!

I’m already feeling healthier, more refreshed, and energised!

Now all I need is a massage....

Hope you’re all having wonderful days wherever you are in the world.

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