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The Amazing & Talented Tanith Facey!

I am so grateful to have met Tanith, she is one of my regular walking companions and we have explored Hilbre Island together and headed off on the Sandstone Trail and only got slightly lost!

One of the things I only found out recently is her love of photography and its something she’s wanted to get back into. It was at the same time that I realised I needed someone to come and take some pictures of me - I don’t want all my photos to be selfies! So Tanith agreed to come and spend a few hours with me, to see what my daily life was life and to record it!

A day in the life of a Tough Girl - Was the title of our project!!!

We had so much fun, we made breakfast, lunch, walked on the beach, headed to the gym and had dinner. Tanith was amazing and she has taken some great pictures of me which I will be sharing over the coming days on my Instagram account, Facebook page, twitter and on blog posts etc.

Here are a few of her snaps!!!

A massive thank you to Tanith for her time taking the photos and editing them to make me look good!! Follow Tanith on Instagram & Twitter!!

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