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The 52% show - Being female and homeless....

The 52% Show is about looking at different issues from the perspective of women. With Hope fest 2015 having just been, which highlighted the issues the homeless face in Liverpool. It’s a good time to talk about being a women, homeless and living on the streets in poverty.

When I think of homeless people I generally think of men, who have an addiction to either alcohol, drugs, or both and also suffering with mental help problems. I can’t remember the last time I saw a homeless women on the street.

Maybe its because I’ve become so use to seeing the homeless, its now become a normal part of life. So when I go out, I block them out. I’m so use to seeing it, it doesn’t even register any more. I don’t see them, and I don’t acknowledge them as humans. Which is awful, and I’m ashamed I’ve been doing this. I choose to ignore the problem in the hope it would go away.

But how is it different it you're a women whose homeless and living on the street? Not only do you face more dangers from the possibility of attack and assault but also how do you keep clean. In terms of priorities when living on the street. It’s going to be safety, shelter, food, and what to do about your period coming way down on the list.

There was a hashtag trending on twitter earlier this year #thehomelessperiod as it wanted to draw attention to the fact that homeless women still get their period and they can’t afford the “luxury items” of buying sanitary towels or tampons. So they have to make a choice, do they steal them or do they go without.

Every single girl should have access to hygienic, affordable, sanitary products. She shouldn't have to pay for these luxury items. You get the condoms and the pill on free on the NHS why not sanitary products. Women are being taxed for having a uterus!

In my opinion, they are a necessity and therefore shouldn't attract GST the ‘’luxury tax’. As this is a tax on items used exclusively by women that constitutes institutionalised sex discrimination.

Surely these should be free for the women who need them the most and they should not be taxed as a luxury item. Menstrual hygiene should be a right and not a luxury.

I can afford to pay for my “luxury items”, but what about the women who can’t?

Watch this episode of 52% on YouTube.

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