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Advice on getting started in podcasting

  1. Podcasting can add a lot of value to your business; it’s a great way to build trust with your audience because they listen to you every week. People learn in different ways and it gives another way to engage with your audience.

  2. Don’t get distracted by all the bits of equipment you could buy. Focus on a good idea and just start because you’re going get better every week you do it. Every week you do it you’ll learn something new and will be constantly improving.

  3. It’s all about consistency. Decide if you’re going to do a podcast every week, or do seasons and if so how many episodes will you have in each season.

  4. Have a goal and structure.

  5. Don’t worry if not everyone is totally supportive of you. Go and find the Facebook communities where they will support you

  6. Take a course to get started; there are many available for a reasonable price.

  7. Then just start.

  8. If you’ve got an idea there will be a niche market for you but you need to do self-promotion for it, so start on social media now building a following on Twitter and Facebook.

“I thought this is an amazing way and another way to communicate with my audience and also to spread these messages.”

“I loved recording this episode, there are so many learning points, and for me, it really does show no matter what happens, its never to late to go after your dreams and with hard work, commitment and focus you can make it happen and you can achieve amazing things. You just need to go for it.”

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