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Cheryl Hunter - Sketch Note!

Cheryl Hunter is a motivational speaker, best selling author and transformational expert.

In this episode Cheryl shares how she broke free of her mental prison and cracked the code for others to use.

Cheryl is very open and honest about who she is and what the impact was on her life. She provides advice and tips on how you can also break free from your limiting beliefs and whatever's holding you back.

This is real advise, real tips from someone who's made it work.

Learn more about Cheryl's mission and what she’s learnt on the way. You can visit her website at

Her book: Use It: Turn Setbacks Into Success is available on Amazon.

Follow Cheryl on Twitter @HunterCheryl

You can listen to Cheryl on the go via iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher!

Or take a listen NOW!!!

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