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Jenny Tinmouth - Honda Racing Rider in the 2016 British Superbike Championship. Female lap record ho

Jenny Tinmouth is the first female rider in the British Superbike Championship and is the only female rider to be racing!

Jenny Tinmouth

Jenny is 100% passionate about what she does, you can hear the passion in her voice as she talks about racing and how much fun she has on the track. Jenny enjoys the adrenaline, going fast and competing with the best.

Jenny is down to earth, humble and it was fantastic to get to speak to her in more detail about her career and how she's got to where she is!

During this podcast we also discuss the following :-

  • What it was like growing up, and learning what & who influenced her love of motorsports

  • Leaving school at 18 and trying to decide what to do next

  • Getting her motorcycle license the 2nd time round!

  • Working in a local dealership and why she thought they wouldn’t take her on because she was a girl!

  • Getting her start in racing and how her journey progressed and the steep learning curve she needed to conquer

  • Her ambition and the reasons she kept it quiet

  • Sexism in motorsports?

  • Having to raise her game and knowing what she needed to do to take her riding to the next level

  • The skills needed to be a good rider

  • Crashing! Broken bones! Bouncing down the road at 100 mph!

  • The IOM TT 2009 Race where she became the fastest female ever, gaining her first Guinness World Record

  • How she prepared for the IOM TT and what makes it such a special race

  • Dealing with nerves before the race and how she handles them

  • Why the “easy laps” are the fastest laps!

  • The habits she follows before a race

  • Jenny discussing her most challenging season yet and why she almost gave up on her dream.

  • The challenge of getting sponsorship and why she struggles when asking for money

  • How a change in the scoring lost her, The British Super Sport Cup Championship and she ended up coming 3rd

  • Advice for girls who want to get involved in motorcycle racing and why you should just - GO FOR IT!!!

  • Starting & running her own racing team - Two Wheel Racing

  • How she became a Honda Rider!

  • What she gets up to during the off season

  • Why fitness become more and more important as the bikes get bigger and faster

  • The goals for the 2016 season

Jenny has her own website, she’s also on twitter @JennyTinmouth, Facebook and

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Verena Mai

Next Tuesday we’ll be heading over to America to catch up with Verena Mai, a model turned stunt driver, who now races in Rally America!

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