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Any good tips for recognising the importance of stretching and setting aside time to stretch?

I think everyone knows the benefits of stretching after you come back from a run, and understand the reasons why you should do it.

For me, when I come back from a run, I’m done, I’m physically broken!!

If I’ve pushed myself hard, it’s hard enough walking up the steps to get into the house! All I want to do, is have my protein shake and get into a hot bath. I don’t want to spend fifteen minutes stretching!

So my best tips for this is incorporating lunges and leg swings etc at the end of the run, while you're on your cool down. Ten walking lunges each side, some leg stretches at the end of the run, is the way forward. This has worked for me - even just doing a few stretches at the end and I’ve felt a benefit.

If you're totally lazy and can’t be bothered doing that, then my next best tip is to have a golf ball by your bed and to roll it under each foot before you go to bed, ideally five to ten mins on each side- but even just doing this for a few mins each morning and each evening is better than nothing!

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