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Sarah Williams! I’m being interviewed by Ali Mahoney-Johnson from

Tough Girl EXTRA - Sarah Williams

Here is a raw and unedited interview I did with Ali, where we discuss some of the big challenges I’ve faced in my life, from deciding to leave my job, coping with summit night on Mount Kilimanjaro, to training for and running the Marathon des Sables this April.

Ali will also be writing a blog post about our interview and this will be available on

Helping to raise awareness for Women’s Sport Week - organised by Women in Sport. #WSW2016

Take a listen NOW!! Click the play button below!

Show notes

  • Discussing the challenges of writing a book!

  • More about me, my background and how I ended up leaving my job

  • Why I decided to leave my job

  • Having to deal with change

  • Why I felt so lost when I didn’t have a job

  • How I decided on what I wanted to do next

  • Why I needed to get away from friends and family to help me decide what I wanted to do next

  • Coming up with Tough Girl Challenge and what it’s goal is

  • Where my mental strength comes from

  • Summit night on Kilimanjaro

  • Why you have a choice over your attitude

  • The power of “self-talk” - "you can either be your own best coach, or your own worst enemy"

  • How the Marathon des Sables came about

  • The responses of friends and family when I told them about the race.

  • Why you have to be careful of who you spend time with

  • Dealing with fear before the race

  • How I took training to an extreme level

  • Thinking I was mentally weak!

  • Being told by a Doctor that I couldn’t do the MDS in 2015

  • What I learned from all the negative experiences

  • Building my physical strength and mental strength back up

  • Trying to get balance in training

  • The power of visualisation, and why I always thought about crossing the finish line

  • Creating my own certificate of achievement!

  • Being overwhelmed by trying to pack everything

  • Trying to stay calm and why yoga helped me

  • Dealing with the long stage during the marathon. Running 52 miles in a day.

  • The benefits of breaking down challenges into smaller chunks

  • Why the final stretch on the long day was so, so hard!

  • Why I thought I could keep on going

  • Coping with pain

  • The final day, and just being over the whole race

  • Why gratitude can play an important part of mental strength

  • Seeing the finish line and how I was feeling!

  • The anti climax of finishing the race

  • Why it was all about the journey and what I learned along on the way

  • Crying at Euston Train Station

  • What’s next for me and why I struggle when I don’t have a goal

  • Stepping into the boxing ring

  • Why you have to know your reason

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