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Create a vision board

Over the weekend, I want to encourage you to do something... create a vision board that represents your wishes, dreams, ambitions and goals.

It should include images, quotes and photos of travel, education, family and any other goals you want to set for your future self.

What you will end up with will be a visual representation of everything you want to achieve in your life.

Why should you create a vision board?

  • It works: I can speak from personal experience that a vision board works!

  • It is fun: There are no restrictions, you can just let your imagination run wild and put anything on your vision board that you want.

  • Constant reminder: Put your vision board in a prominent place where you will see it all the time, plus take a photo and have it as your computer screensaver and the background of your mobile phone. This will act as a constant reminder of what you want.

  • Clarify your goals: A vision board helps you to make clear what your goals are. Signals are sent to your brain that what is on your board are the things you want to achieve, therefore your brain will be on the lookout to see what can be done to make these things happen e.g. noticing a relevant advert in a magazine which you would usually ignore.

  • Action focused: It will encourage you to take action. With the help of your vision board you know what you want to do, your job is to take action to make it happen.

Create your own vision board in these three easy steps:

  1. Download the “Success Vision Board” app or buy yourself a large piece of card.

  2. Select images/ quotes and add them to your board.

  3. Once you have completed your board, put it somewhere you will see it everyday and start taking action

Watch this video to learn more about why I created my vision board

If you want more help creating your best life then contact Caroline from Raise the Bar Life Coaching for a free 25 min consultation!

E-mail her on and visit her website for more information.

"Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “holy shit… what a ride!”

Top Tips from Caroline from Raise the Bar Life Coaching about creating your own vision board!

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