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BIG LOVE from Tough Girl Challenges! February Update


Happy Valentines Day!

I know it has been ages since I last gave an update! I make the assumption if you wanted to be kept updated you will be following along on Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc!

I don't do regular updates via newsletter...but maybe I should!! Anyway....


Let me update you on what’s been happening…..

2018 was all about the study...

doing my Masters in Women and Gender Studies.

I handed my dissertation in on the 30th August (Women, Adventure & Fear, all 20,000+ words of it!). Thank you to everyone who was part of that journey! After months of commuting up to Lancaster, reading academic journals and writing essays - I was done.

It was a relief for it to be over, it was a lot more intense than I was expecting it to be and it really took me out of my comfort zone!


I then had a fantastic weekend at Camp Wildfire, where I got to hang out with awesome people such as Laura Try from 7 women - 7 challenges, we followed her row around Great Britain in 2017. Laura has just come back from rowing across the Atlantic Ocean! What a legend - she's going to be coming on the podcast in April to share more of her story.


It was then saying goodbye to the parents before flying off to Vancouver, to hand out with my travel bestie - Camilla. We had an awesome few days exploring Vancouver, before I got on my bike and started my next big challenge - cycling the Pacific Coast Highway and down into Baja California on my way to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

#1 Arriving in Vancouver & sorting out a bike for the Pacific Coast Highway!