Nics Wetherill - British Army Dr, Ironman finisher & training for the Ex Ice Maiden Challenge!

December 15, 2015

During this podcast we get to cover a whole host of different topics!


From why Nics decided to join the British Army and what its like being a female in a male dominated environment. How sports at a young age from athletics to skiing encouraged her to try triathlons at university which led to her completing an Ironman!


Nics also touches on the following topics:


-The difference between alpine skiing and nordic skiing

-The Bolton Ironman in 2012 and coping with the unexpected heatwave

-Trying to get the balance right between training and studying

-How she combined her fitness with studying to become a doctor

-Mental preparation for the Ironman

-Getting help with training and training programmes

-The Winter World Triathlon Championships

-Doing a Nordic Ski Season 

-Top tips for running on snow

-Coping with the cold!

-The 6633 Ultra Race - One of the toughest races in the world. Held in the Arctic!

-Her concerns before the race

-150km Ultra race in Lapland, Finland

-Coping with sleep deprivation and the thoughts running through her head

-How she overcame challenges during the race, when everything was starting to go wrong

-What happened on the 6633 ultra race and why she was ashamed 

-Her next challenge - Ex Ice Maiden - The first all Female British Team to cross Antarctica via the route that Felicity Aston did solo.

-The problems of raising corporate sponsorship for all female teams



Social Media


You can be kept updated on the Ex Ice Maidens challenges via their website

Twitter - @exicemaiden or their Facebook page



Listen on the go via - iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

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