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Ali Young - Team GB 24hr racing. Racing in the legendary Spartathlon ultra race.

Ali Young - Team GB 24hr racing, chasing a 3hr PB in the marathon & racing in the legendary Spartathlon ultra race.

Ali is a personal trainer and a passionate runner, she lives in Amersham with her partner and 2 children.

We first spoke with Ali in 2015 where she shared more about how she got into running, doing the Marathon des Sables and the Druids Ultra.

Since we last spoke Ali has joined the Great Britain 24hr racing team and has been pursuing her marathon goal of sub 3 hrs (Her current PB is 3hr 1 min!).

Ali keeps strong by lifting weights, and doesn’t stick to a strict training program, she listens to her body and plans training around her goals. Ali provides lots of great advice and tips whether you are new to running, or are looking to enter longer distance races.


Listen to Ali Now!

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Show notes

  • Who is Ali

  • Her love for running

  • What she has been doing since we last spoke

  • Still trying to break the 3 hour barrier in the marathon

  • Running a PB of 3hr 1min

  • Running sub 7 minutes….

  • Being proud of her result

  • Her emotions while crossing the finish line

  • Knowing at the half way point she wasn’t going to break the 3 hr mark

  • Not believing she can do it - “I’m not good enough”

  • Keeping happy throughout the year

  • Doing what she enjoys doing

  • Her love for Park Run

  • Planning her running in 2019

  • Letting your body recover

  • Being selected for the World Championships in October

  • Recovery

  • The importance of strength work

  • Not doing massive mileage

  • Mobility work and making use of Youtube

  • Recovery runs???

  • Working out in her garage gym

  • The Grand Union Canal Race - 145 miles

  • Why it was one of the hardest races she’s done

  • Having a buddy runner

  • Struggling through the last 20 miles

  • The mental aspects of the journey

  • Getting more competitive over the final 13 miles

  • The ups and downs of running ultra

  • Needing people to be tough with her

  • Going beyond 24 hours running

  • The highs and the lows on the journey

  • The European Championships and only having 3 women

  • Getting a Bronze Medal

  • Putting her legs up in the air

  • Why it is all about the eating on a 24 hr race

  • Eating from half an hour into the start of the race

  • Watch a short video from the race

  • The Spartathlon Ultra Race

  • Advice for ultra runners


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Listen to the first episode with Ali -->> Click the play button below!



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