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Part 2 - 7 Women - 7 Challenges 2017 - Show notes!

We continue on our journey following the stories of 7 women from the Tough Girl Tribe, who are all undertaking new challenges in 2017. We are tracking their progress, and learning what they are going through, the challenges they are facing and having to deal with in real time. We are with them for the high points and the low points.

You can listen to Part 1 of 7 Women - 7 Challenges here.

You can listen to Part 2 of 7 Women - 7 Challenges now!

Order & Timings

Jo Jo Rogers - 5 mins

Georgie Akin-Smith - 45 mins

Rae Red - 1 hr 06

Gemma Smith - 1 hr 53

Rachel Wise - 2 hr 34

Laura Try - 3 hr 21

Jen Dykxhoorn - 3 hr 57

Jo Jo Rogers

@ 5 mins

  • Having a fabulous time training

  • Balancing high mileage and speed work to get the best out of her training without getting hurt

  • Her rule about dropping her pace

  • Beating the mental game on the treadmill, and how to make the best of an indoor workout

  • Getting excited about the planning part of the adventure

  • Having a packed race schedule and reassessing her adventure goals

  • Prioritising races – choosing between her snowshoe races and 50k ultra races

  • Deciding not to sacrifice big goals because of an overly short time between races, and realizing she can’t do everything

  • Explaining how snowshoeing works for us non-snowy country Brits!

  • Running on snow – hard work but great fun!

  • How ultra runners and snowshoe runners are surprisingly similar

  • Competing in the snowshoeing national championships despite not having any snow in her home area, and having some amazing surprises along the way

  • Being inspired by Nikki Kimble as an athlete and a human being

  • Having her name called out for the Masters team!!

  • How snow and sand are very similar to run on, and hurt your muscles in surprisingly different ways to when you run

  • Adapting her timescales in order to not short change herself on her big goals, and using 2017 as her gear-up year for making it onto the 50k team

  • Being honest about her snowshoe training and the lack of snow going into championships

  • Choosing races far enough apart and making sure they’re sanctioned and official

  • Eating non stop!

  • Loading up her diet with fruits and vegetables, and being careful to make sure she gets everything she needs to train so hard.

  • Footstrike hemolysis and low iron issues, and how she had to listen to her body to ensure she’s getting iron for how much she’s running

  • Going to bed at 8pm and the importance of getting enough sleep!

  • Deciding how badly you want something and breaking it all down into its component parts to decide what is most important

  • Being helped by connecting with other women through social media to stay inspired and motivated, even if she doesn’t always have time to post!

  • Her next upcoming challenge at the snowshoe championships at the end of February, her final weeks of preparations and her plan to recover and get back into training afterwards