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The Interesting People Podcast

The Interesting People Podcast

A podcast where interesting people talk about fascinating things

Many thanks to host Philippa Willitts, for asking the insightful questions and allowing me to share more of my story.


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Show notes

  • Introducing myself

  • Getting to 32 and deciding to change my life

  • Leaving my job in March 2013

  • The challenge of leaving my job and not having a purpose for my life

  • Having the chance to think about what I wanted to do

  • Spending more time planning my holidays than my life

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro and what I learned from the experience

  • The power of choice

  • Reaching the summit and why it wasn’t what I expected

  • Not taking the time to celebrate and appreciate what I’ve achieved

  • How Tough Girl Challenges came about by sitting on buses in South America

  • Why I started the Tough Girl Podcast

  • Why I needed to take action

  • What I’ve been learning from the women I’ve interviewed

  • The positive consequences of doing challenges

  • How you can build your own self confidence

  • “If she can do, maybe I can to”

  • The ripple effect

  • Why we need to change stereotypes and people perceived perceptions of what women can do

  • Am I making a living from Tough Girl Challenges?

  • Building a brand from scratch

  • Using Patreon to support the podcast

  • Why 2017 will be the year it takes off

  • Being 35 and living at home with my parents

  • The Tough Girl Podcast, Tough Girl Extra, 7 Women - 7 Challenges, Tough Girl Daily Podcast

  • Putting my patrons name on my website, having a closed FB group, thank you cards, shout outs on twitter etc

  • Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail - 2,190 miles in 100 days

  • Having to pre-load 3 months of podcasts

  • “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

  • Going for an 8 mile training walk with a 20 lb backpack

  • Trying to be flexible with hiking, waiting for my trail legs to kick in

  • Doing 52 miles in a day at the Marathon des Sables

  • Why I went for a website based business with my goal of being able to run my business from anywhere in the world

  • Vlogging on the trail and sharing the content on YouTube

  • Loving life - being passionate about what I do, having the freedom to focus on what I want to do

  • Working for myself and being so much happier in myself

  • Being me

  • Work/life balance and why it’s easy to be extreme

  • Knowing it would be hard work and what I’m surprised by in this industry

  • Why I started the daily podcast and why I wanted to share what goes on behind the scenes

  • Why you just need to start


Are you interesting? Contact Philippa to be featured on her podcast!


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