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Meet the Tough Girl Team

At the begining of the year I reached out to the Tough Girl Tribe, and asked for help. I’ve been doing everything on my own since I started Tough Girl Challenges and realised at the end of 2016, that I could not do it all!

An amazing bunch of women responded and they have been helping out since January. Meet the fabulous women below!


Claire Kelly

I'm Claire, I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I am a runner, mother, business owner and occasionally a writer too. I work closely with clients in my clinic and studio on a one to one basis, and I love getting to hear their stories and their inspirations, whatever they may be (this is probably why I enjoy being involved with the Tough Girl Podcast so much).

I am a keen runner, having run a total of 22 marathons (inc 2 ultras) since I started running in 2010 before the birth of my first son. I love the challenge, I love the feeling of doing something that at one time I never thought I could be capable of, and I love being inspired by other people to do more and to do better.

Claire is on twitter @iamclairekelly

Check out her business -

You can also listen to Claire as she shares more about her challenges on the Tough Girl Daily Podcast!


Pamela Bortey

Hello, my name is Pamela and I’m generally described as the tall black lady with the afro, which pretty much covers it.

I have two passions in life, music and endurance sports. At first my love for mini endurance challenges was a way to keep fit and push my body as far as I possibly could. However for the past two years I've suffered from various injuries and I’ve realised that I actually miss the big challenge and having something to focus on. In September 2017 I’ll be participating in the Thames Path Challenge, a 100km continuous walk. My friends think I’m crazy but I’m really excited. Go figure!

By participating in challenges, I also want to show women and women of colour that yes we can do this. In some instances it may mean learning how to swim again (Can you tell I have an Ironman in my sights!) but why not? Where there’s a will there’s a way.

What do I do for fun? Does eating count? I love going to gigs and seeing live performances. For me nothing beats seeing a singer, actor or comedian perform live on stage. I also love participating in obstacle course races. All the climbing and crawling through mud reminds me of being a child. The sense of freedom and pure enjoyment is immense.

I look forward to reading all your stories and cheering you on big time.




Rae Red

I grew up on a teeny tiny island off Cornwall where swimming, walking, sailing were a way of life. I also danced, a lot. However my love of sport left me until I was 26 when, after a firm chat from my doctor, I decided I needed to take up a new active hobby. I wanted something interesting and social so that led me to rock climbing and I have loved it ever since. So much so that I turned it into a job! When I was around 32 I took up running and my aim is to run an ultra.

Rae is also part of 7 women 7 challenges!

Read more of her story here!

Rae has also started blogging at How does she do it


Rachel Goddard

I'm a teacher, artist, outdoorsy person and I've done some form of sport and activity all my life, just not at a high level.

The outdoors and nature is my therapy and escape, so even if I can't climb or ski a mountain or swim in a river, just sitting and being is important.

My passion is encouraging others into the outdoors to also benefit from what it can give, both physically and emotionally. I want to help empower women and girls to believe they can do it, whatever 'it' is.


Allison McArthur

I am a teacher at a Scottish secondary school. I was not involved in sport growing up, however after the death of my gran in 2005 I was inspired to train for a charity 5k. I enjoyed the challenge and continued to run occasionally afterwards. It was only when I met PT Steve Bonthrone in 2008 that I considered taking running more seriously and went on to take part in my first 10k in the spring of 2009, followed by my first half marathon later that year (Steve actually proposed the night before!). I completed my first marathon in Paris in 2010 and now well and truly have the running bug with 9 marathons, 14 half marathons and countless 5k and 10k races under my belt, several of which have been run for charity. In 2014 I took to two wheels for the first time since childhood and completed Macmillan Cycletta Scotland. This was followed in 2015 with the Etape Caledonia. Although I enjoy cycling from time to time, running remains my first love. I have been blogging about running since 2011.

Read my blog here!- The Running Princess

Say hi on Twitter @allisonmca

Follow on Facebook - @TheRunningPrincessBlog

Allison has also been on the Tough Girl Daily Podcast to share more about her recent Paris Marathon Challenge!

You can listen now!


Ellen Piercy

Being in the mountains makes me happy and I delight in sharing them with others. I am working towards my Hill and Moorland Leader, am an active member of my local climbing club and I have just started cycling. I work full time as a design engineer in Cheshire and am working out how to fit more mountains in my life.

Learn more about Rando Girls via the Blog


Alexa Duckworth-Briggs

I'm a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and a Sports Massage Therapist based in Reading who's passionate about running, walking, mountains and the outdoors.

I left a 14 year career in the IT industry to follow my dream of working full time in sport and I'm loving it!

I work with all kinds of people to start, improve and push their running boundaries with online coaching, bespoke training plans, one to one sessions and technique analysis. Sports Massage is very rewarding to help relieve pain, stress and tension as well as supporting people to avoid and heal their sports injuries.


Flynn Jones

Hello, my name is Flynn, I'm 14 years old and obsessed with running 🏃!

I'm a track athlete (1500m and 800m) and also a shot putter in my free time.

I'm also Sarah's new Youtube Video editor!

Being a creative person I love photography, videography and culture!

Any questions on Editing or jobs available please contact me at:

Snapchat - FlynnJones02

Instagram - Flynnjoness


Evie Akiens

I'm a junior Doctor from Essex currently living in Sheffield. I love running, cycling, going to the gym and anything else which helps me take the stress out of life!

I have run a number of half marathons and more recently a whole marathon, and I'm always coming up with new ways to push myself!

I will be taking on some cycling challenges later in 2017.

I'm a big lover of Instagram and my account is @evie.akiens


Who to speak to?

If you have any questions or queries about the Facebook Tribe please reach out to either Pamela or Ellen.

If you have content you want to share on the main Facebook Page please contact, Rae, Allison or Rachel.

If you want to create and or share content via Instagram please reach out to Claire.

If you want to order merchandise contact Alexa.

If you need an editor for your videos or have feedback on the Youtube channel, please contact Flynn.

Evie is creating audio clips from the tough girl podcast to share on Facebook and Instagram.

Good at writing? Share your work on the Tough Girl Blog - Read more about - Summer Blogging with Tough Girl Challenges - Contact Rachel.



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