February Body Update

February 1, 2015

My endurance training throughout January has massively dropped off compared to what I was doing a few months ago! It’s the same story, I’m still exhausted the majority of the time. Progress is being made with the doctor and I do have more blood tests booked in, so fingers crossed, I’ll soon be able to start training properly again.


1st  January                                                                              1st February


Weight (stone) – 10.3 ¾                                                          10.5 ½ +1 ¾


Measurements (inches)


Right Arm – 11                                                                          Right Arm – 11.1 +0.1

Left Arm – 11                                                                            Left Arm – 11.1 +0.1

Right Leg – 20.2                                                                        Right Leg – 21 +0.8

Left Leg – 20.5                                                                           Left Leg – 21 +0.5

Bust – 36.5                                                                                 Bust – 36 -0.5

Waist – 31                                                                                  Waist – 31 - 0


There have been a few increases, especially on the weight side! I’m not overly concerned about my weight. It more about losing the strength and the muscle I’ve gained over the past few months. I’m making sure I go to the weightlifting classes at least three times a week to stop this happening.


I’ve lost a bit of muscle definition as you can see in the photos. What was interesting was having my body fat percentage taken. I came out at 18% which is good for an athlete. I wish I’d tested by body fat back in November as I imagine I would have been closer to 14/15%. 












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