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What have people been saying about the Tough Girl Podcast?

The Tough Girl Podcast was launched on the 4th August and has had a wide selection of incredible guests such as, Sally Kettle, Sophie Radcliffe, Amy Hughes, Jessi Stensland, Emma Timmis to name but a few…

I have been incredibly proud of the podcasts as I get to share these amazing stories with you. The feedback has been so positive and its been fantastic getting messages and tweets from listeners.

Here are a few of the comments that have been left in iTunes.

If you haven’t left a review yet and you are enjoying the episodes please do take the time to leave a review and share with your friends and family.

I have Isobel Pooley the 6’3 Great British High Jumper coming up on Episode number 11 which will be released on the 22nd September at 7 am.

This will be followed by Tori James the 5’1 Welsh Woman who was the youngest welsh woman to climb Everest, Tori also shares with us some exclusive information about a New Program for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This will be going live on the 29th September at 7 am.

Please subscribe to the podcast to receive the automatic uploads every Tuesday! #ToughGirlTuesday.

You can listen on iTunes , soundcloud or stitcher.

Tough Girl Podcast is all about motivating and inspiring YOU, go and check it out!!

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