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The Tough Girl Podcast is Number 1 in New & Noteworthy in iTunes!

The Tough Girl Podcast has reached the number one slot on iTunes in the New & Noteworthy section for Personal Journals.

This is so awesome and I’m so excited about it. I have published about nine episodes now and all of the interviews are really inspirational. I’ve really enjoyed having the conversations and learning so much about the guests.

Everyone has been so helpful, and the advice and tips they provide are really fantastic. I think what’s struck me the most is how normal all of the women are. They haven't always been sporty, they haven’t necessarily been the best at sports at school or even been involved in any type of fitness until they hit their 30’s.

Many didn’t know what they wanted to do with their life, but they found their passion and they are following their dreams. Whatever they may be; from rowing across the Atlantic, to running across Africa and to breaking away from the corporate world and starting up their own challenge companies.

I’ve decided to focus in on the women who have done incredible sporting or fitness challenges, as this is what I’m most passionate about. There are thousands of women out there who have amazing stories to share and I wish I could share them all. But I want to get specific with my guests and make sure the theme stays around challenges and change and that the stories of adventure, travel, pushing limits, continues to inspire and motivate the current and next generation of women and girls.

One of the hardest things I’ve found is getting people to write reviews. So if you have listened to the Tough Girl Podcast and you like what you hear, then please do share it with your friend and family. If you could also take 2 mins to leave a review on iTunes as well, that would be fantastic. I would really appreciate it.

I would also love to hear from you, if you have any feedback for me, please do let me know. Comment below, or send me an e-mail to I promise I read every e-mail and I will come back to you.

Have a great day and remember every Tuesday (Tough Girl Tuesday!) there will be a new Tough Girl Podcast available in the morning to be downloaded.

Every episode of the Tough Girl Podcast is full of inspiring stories of incredible women overcoming great challenges. They provide inspirational stories, advice and tips to motivate and inspire YOU!!

Here are the links below:

Tough Girl Podcast is all about motivating and inspiring YOU, go and check it out!!

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