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International Podcast Day 30th September

International Podcast Day is dedicated to promoting Podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement.

I have to be honest, it was only after being inspired to launch my own podcast, that I got it, I understood the power of the podcast as a way to educate, to inspire and motivate people through out the world.

I started listening to podcasts back in March of this year and was finally in a position to launch my own podcast at the start of August. The response has been fantastic, my Tough Girl Podcast got to the No 1 slot in New & Noteworthy in Personal Journals in August, and the No 1 slot in New & Noteworthy in Sports & Hobbies in September.

My Tough Girl Podcast was also ranked No 16 out of all the New and Noteworthy podcasts! A fantastic achievement! (I would still love to get into the top 10!!)

I love the fact I’m getting these stories out there and I’m helping to motivate and inspire women and girls as well as the few men who are also listening.

I’m still growing and learning and my podcast is not the best edited or the best produced podcast out there, but the content is top quality and so are the guests. I have also done it all on my own and I’m incredibly proud of what I’m creating and putting out there for the world to hear.

Once I launched my podcast it started me down a pathway I couldn’t have envisioned last year. I never though I would be invited to host a live segment on International Podcast Day. I have no idea what I’ll be doing, but like everything I’ve done over the past eighteen months, I’m sure I’ll learn quickly!

For those who want to listen I will be hosting at 9 am UK time. More info will follow on how you can listen!

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