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October - Tough Girl Podcast Update!

I started the Tough Girl Podcast back in August so I could share inspirational stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things. I’ve now published twelve shows and every show is different.

I’ve interviewed; runners, swimmers, rowers, high jumpers, women who have explored the Arctic and the Antarctic and have survived horrific circumstances and become stronger as a result.

Every interview I’ve done has inspired me and I hope you as well.

I hope you’ve managed to take away some key learning, you’ll be able to apply in your own daily life and its encouraged you to give new things a try.

I want YOU to be living YOUR best life, to the best of YOUR ability.

I had a goal of getting 1,862 downloads by the end of September and I’ve smashed through that and had 2,908 downloads.

The goal for October was 3,724 but I think I’m going to have to increase it! Lets go for double again and try to get 5,816 downloads.

This month, I’ve got four amazing ladies on the show, each with their own unique story.

6th October - Catherine Spencer - Former England Women’s Rugby Union player & Captain

13th October - Robyn Baldwin - Alpha Female, MS Warrior & OCR lover

20th October - Natalie Vie - A US Fencer

27th October - Helen Russell - World Champion Duathlete and Triathlete

You'll be able to listen to the Tough Girl Podcast on itunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher. If you enjoy listening to the Tough Girl Podcast then please do tell your friends about it!

New episodes every Tuesday at 7 am!

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