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Tough Girl - Amy Spencer - Powerlifter - European Junior Bronze Medallist 2015

During this podcast Amy talks all about her love of fitness and how she came to take up the sport of powerlifting. To put this in context, Amy had never done any weight training before and had never even picked up a dumbbell! Five months later she had entered her first powerlifting competition.

Amy shares her journey from entering local competitions and progressing to the British Championships before taking on the European Championships where she gained the European Junior Bronze Medal.

Amy talks about the following:

  • What powerlifting is

  • What happens in a competition

  • How to overcome nerves and focus on what you're doing

  • Why having goals are important to helping you achieve

  • The difference between weightlifting and powerlifting

  • Why powerlifting isn’t recognised as a sport

  • Competing in the European Championships

  • How she overcame her nerves

  • What goes through her head when she lifts

  • How “mind over matter” works in powerlifting

  • Breaking the British Junior Record Squat

  • Training cycles

  • Rest & recovery

  • Nutrition- chicken & broccoli?!

  • Coping with training and university life

  • Why women should lift weights

  • Raising money to go to international competitions - Bake sales & selling t-shirts

  • Joining the Amy Army!

Listen to Amy on iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

If you’ve listened to this episode and feel motivated then please send Amy a tweet @AmySpencerr. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL.

“Don’t be scared of lifting weights!” - Amy Spencer

Take a listen to Amy as she shares her story! Click the play button below to listen NOW!!

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