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You are currently training for the fabled Marathon Des Sables (MDS). This is widely known as one of

That’s a great question and when you start actually training for this race, you find out that every single person has an opinion on how best to train and they’ll want to share their advice and tips with you! You have to be very selective in who you listen to. Last year I decided I wasn’t going to listen to anyone, I was going to train for this on my own!

I though I knew how to train for a challenge of this size and like everything I do, I threw myself into it. I was training like a full time athlete, I was doing strength and conditioning sessions, boxing, yoga, walking and running a huge amount of milage as I wanted to get time on my feet.

I ended up bed ridden over Christmas and New Year, I was exhausted and run down and I found out later I was severely anaemic and was suffering from adrenal fatigue. My Doctor said it wasn’t the best decision for me to go and run six marathons in six days across the desert in the state I was in and I had to postpone the event until 2016.

It’s taken me about eight months to get back to almost healthy again. This time I’m doing things slightly differently! I’m working with a personal trainer - Jack Clover from JC Performance and he’s developed a specific training program for me in relation to building up my strength and endurance and ironing out any weaknesses in my running. I’m following his guidance and instructions!

My biggest challenge with this race is nutrition which I know I don’t have 100% sorted yet, but I’m working on it. I actually need to get a nutritionist on board to help me with this part of my training!

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