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The Tough Girls - Kicking off December!

Welcome to the month of December and what could be a better way to start the first of the month than by listing to a fantastic new episode on the Tough Girl Podcast! What an episode we have for you as well!

We managed to grab an opportunity to speak with Tough Girl, Sarah Outen, who has just completed her 4.5 year expedition - London2London via the world!

Her goal: to row, bike and kayak around the northern hemisphere, inspiring children and fundraising for charities.

But that’s not all, you won’t need to wait another week for your next Tough Girl Podcast… In December for one month only there’s going to be TWO episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast coming out each week!! One on a Tuesday and one on a Thursday at 7 am UK Time.

On Thursday 3rd we will be speaking with Rachel Gibson, a mum of two who became a contender at the Spartan World Championships this year! She will be sharing her story of how she got to compete at one of the toughest obstacle races in the world!

Listen on iTunes, Soundcloud or via Stitcher.

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