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Tough Girl - Nat Taylor - British Army Dr, Adventure runner & training for the Ex Ice Maiden Cha

Nat is a lover of endurance events, and anything to do with the outdoors!

She loves being fit and active and during this podcast she shares with us some of the events she's participated in, from being involved in adventure races to completing Ironman's and ultra endurances races in extreme conditions.

She also discusses why she decided to join the army and what military life was like while training at Sandhurst. She shares top tips and advice which you'll be able to implement in your life.

Topics discussed during the podcast:

-What Adventure Racing is and what to expect during a race

-Tips for making decisions when tired and sleep deprived, and how she's learned from previous mistakes

-Why communication and teamwork is so important during race conditions

-How her journey into ultra events started and why she decided to do the 6633 Ultra Race - A 350 mile footrace in the Canadian Arctic!

-How she trained both mentally and physically for the 6633 Ultra Race

-Why it’s important to break your big goals down into smaller chunks to make it more manageable

-27hrs into the race, things changed and why Nat needed to split away from Nics and carry on, on her own

-How her race progressed over the next 5 days and the importance of having routines

-Having a sense of humour failure and how she managed to get through this and keep on going

-What’s involved in an Ironman and how she ran 2 Ironman's just 13 days apart

-Facing her ultimate fear…..the water

-Learn more about the Ice Maidens Challenge in 2017 and why the Ice-Factor is so important

Social Media For more information about the Ice Maiden Challenge check out their website - You can also follow them on, Twitter - @exicemaiden or on their Facebook page.

Next week I'll be talking to ultra runners

Mimi Anderson and Susie Chan!

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